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Build Log Axial Yeti XL Kit

Build Log – Axial Yeti XL Kit

Our full review of the Axial Yeti XL Kit goes up next week, until then we are posting some pictures from the build process. Overall the Yeti XL went together very well with no need to shave down parts to prevent binding and there were no parts missing, making for an easy build. In total it took us roughly 16 hours to do the complete build, including the time it took to paint the body, mount all the electronics, and to take notes and pictures along the way.

A couple of quick notes that we would like to add here would be to take your time and pay close attention to the directions. The manual is pretty spot on, but there are some areas where you will need to look very closely at the pictures to ensure parts are put together the proper way. We would also like to mention to be careful when putting the supplied oil in the diffs. The diff oil is extremely thick, we squeezed the bottle too hard and it exploded all over the place. Lastly, the stock servo saver is on the weak side for such a large machine, we ended up adding one 2mm thick M8 washer below the servo saver spring to tighten it up. Like mentioned above, look for our full review next week and you can hit up This Link for full details on the Yeti XL Kit over on Axial’s official website.

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