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Capricorn RC TE-06 Touring Car Kit

Capricorn RC 1/10 TE-06 Touring Car Kit

New from the crew at Capricorn RC is the 1/10 TE-06 Touring Car Kit. Built for serious speed, the Capricorn TE-06 is more than ready for competition down at your local carpet track.

* Short LCG shocks
* Aluminum motor mount
* Red anodized aluminum parts
* Dynamic toe-in system in the rear
* High performance at an affordable price

The Capricorn RC 1/10 TE-06 Touring Car Kit is street priced at €460 (around $495) and has a part number of #CAP-29401-K.

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Posted by in New Products on Thursday, March 28th, 2024 at 9:37 pm