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Carisma M40S Subaru WRX STI NBR 2013 RTR

Carisma M40S Subaru WRX STI NBR 2013 RTR

First seen at iHobby ’14, the new Carisma M40S Subaru WRX STI is now hitting the market. This latest offering from Carisma features one of the new school super detailed bodies, giving the car an ultra-realistic look. The body comes with rear view mirrors, lights, wipers, detailed grill, front splitters, and a rear diffuser. Also used to knock the scale realism out of the park is a hidden body mounting method, making it one of the first production cars to come with such a feature.

Under the hood the Subaru features a shaft driven 4wd system, a 540 sized brushed motor, and a 2.4GHz radio system. Oil filled shocks help soak up the bumps, while tough gear differentials put the power to the ground.

The Carisma Subaru has a street price of $199, its part number is #71468, and these are shipping right now. Hit up This Link to get more details.

Want to learn more about Carisma products? Check out This Link on BigSquidRC.

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