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Carisma Racing 4XS Buggy

Carisma Racing 4XS Buggy

Teased earlier this year, the Carisma Racing 4XS is getting close to shipping. The 4XS is the first high-end race machine to come out under the Carisma name and it was clearly designed for maximum performance. Some of the features on the 4XS include-

* Carbon fiber chassis, top deck, and shock towers
* CNC machined aluminum parts
* Can be run with center gear diff or slipper
* Precision machined spring steel parts
* 3 precision gear diffs
* Adjustable slipper
* AKA Racing wheels are included
* Can run shorty or saddle packs
* Comes with front & rear sway bars
* CV-style front & rear driveshafts

The part number for the 4XS is #73868 and you can hit up This Link for more details over on Carisma’s official website.

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