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Carten RC 10th M210FWD Pro Kit

Carten RC 1/10 M210FWD Pro Kit

New from Carten RC is the 1/10th scaled M210FWD Pro Kit. Made for high-end competition, and loaded with carbon fiber bits, the M210FWD Pro Kit is ready to crush your competitors. Check out these highlights-

* Based on Carten’s M210R touring car
* Front motor layout for improved weight distribution
* Shaft driven, low friction drive train
* Wheelbase – 210 to 239mm
* Final Gear Ratio – 2.47 (42/17)
* Full bearing set
* Steel CVDs
* Composite fibre chassis, upper deck, & shock tower
* Aluminum floating servo mount & motor mount
* Aluminum spur gear hub & shocks
* Sway Bar

You can hit up this link to visit the official Carten RC Website, or you can Smash This Link to get more Carten news on BigSquidRC.


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