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Cast You Vote for the Cubbie Awards!

So far the response has been pretty hot and heated! All sorts of vehicles are coming in for the Car/Truck of the year as well as Man of the year! This is just a reminder message to keep those votes coming!

During the second week of December I’ll be holding my first “Cubbies” awards. These will be awarded based on reader responses, in conjunction with my input and input from a variety of industry insiders. Email nominees to Brian at BigSquidRC dot com for the following categories-

08′ Car/Truck of the year-
08′ Worst Car/Truck of the year-
08′ Best piece of rc gear of the year-
08′ Biggest POS rc gear of the year-
08′ Zero to hero of the year (person or item that came out of nowhere to pwn)-
08′ RC Man of the year-

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