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Around the Office – Christmas Recovery Edition

Normally everyone is tuning in for the Monday Morning Cub Report, but he’s still on his way back from some tropical island where he likes to recharge his internal batteries, so your stuck with me. I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what’s been up around here. Last week I had a post talking about some behind the [...]


bash-a-palooza rcx

Around the Office – Bash-A-Palooza Recovery Edition

Things are finally starting to get back to normal around here. In case you missed our zillion posts about RCX Chicago 2011 BASH-A-PALOOZA 2011 you can catch them all with that link! I think most of us were pretty drained after the event as it was a ton of work for a one day event. Wrench (aka Bill) did an [...]


rcx prize blitz

Around the Office – RCX Insane Edition

Things have really been crazy around the office lately. RCX is right around the corner, and our Bash-A-Palooza event is going to rock the house. We have been gathering prizes around here, and it’s getting tough to walk the halls with all the stuff we are packing up to bring! We just updated the Bash-A-Palooza page with a huge list [...]


Around the Office – July 7, 2011 – Crazy Busy Edition

Things have just been crazy busy around the office lately. There are a million things going on, and it’s one of those situations when it rains it pours! Before I get into it, I want to tell you about something new. Paul Jarvis, a good friend of Big Squid RC who’s a pretty amazing photographer, has been nice [...]


Thunder Tiger Huge Jump

Around the Office – 6-29-2011- Basher Approved!

So it looks like it’s time for another update on what’s been going down around the office lately. First up, is some big news. We have decided to go ahead and give the Thunder Tiger MT4-3G our BASHER APPROVED award! I honestly don’t think we have tested a tougher truck. On all of our latest outings, everyone has [...]


rc car boxes

Around the Office

So it seems like everyone now has their own weekly segment, so it seemed only natural that I hop on board with one. I need something to do when I’m not answering emails defending Cubby about something he recently said right? The idea of this segment is to share what is being discussed around here recently. It could be a [...]