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Bashers Basics — Weight Distribution

I have had quite a few newcomers to the hobby ask me this simple statement, but complex question; “how can I make my crawler perform better”. While there are a multitude of different ways that one can increase the performance and ability of their crawler, one of the easiest and most impactful change that someone can make to their crawler [...]


Bashers Basics – Heat Management

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! Today we are going to take a deeper look into heat management, what the negative side effects are, and what you can do to combat the issue. Firstly, we must understand what causes heat buildup within the electronics of your RC. Most excessive heat buildup is from inefficiencies in your electronic circuit, these can [...]


Bashers Basics Quick Tip — Free Scale Realism

We all want our trucks too look as close to the real thing as possible, but it usually takes a significant pile of dough before people will be doing double takes on your face book pictures. Bashers Basics is to the rescue however, with a tip on the cheap!The easiest way to add scale realism to your rig is paint the [...]


Bashers Basics — Tires.

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! If you have already read the first post, you will know what you are trying to pursue, for those who didn’t, I’ll make it clear, traction. Grip. What converts the rotation of your motor into lateral speed. If you have seen any of the cool slow-motion bashing videos littered around YouTube, you have [...]


Bashers Basics Quick Tip — How To Mesh A Spur Gear

Welcome to Bashers Basics, and today’s quick tip, how to mesh your spur gear. This can be one tricky task for beginners who don’t do it right, but there are 2 main things that make the difference between a fun run, and another trip to your local hobby shop. Firstly, make sure that your motor mount screws are secured in as [...]


Basher Basics — Shock Tuning

Hello and welcome to Basher Basics. In this series we will go through many of the basic topics to help you improve your RC’s performance on the track, and in the pit. So without further ado, let’s jump into the topic for this week: shocks. Your truck likely has four, or in some cases eight, but regardless of the number, it [...]


Pro-Line 50’s Chevy Body – Sharpies and Rattle Cans???

Brian handed me a Pro-Line Early 50’s body and basically said ‘wow me’. Had to do something different with this one so here goes…. I wanted something that was easy enough that anyone could do it with some basic household items and a little imagination. The only paints used are common rattle can paints available at any local hardware [...]


Hobby Outlook Winter

Get Ready for Winter Bashing in Hobby Outlook is Live

As some of you know, we work with the Hobby Town folks for their Hobby Outlook online magazine. This issue we did a piece on Getting Ready for Winter Bashing. A lot of us are gearing up for some serious snow fun, and if you have a vehicle that did not come prepared for the wet and snow, we offer [...]


New Portable Ramp Design

Recently Big Squid RC wrote a guest article for our friends over at Hobby Town USA in their online Hobby Outlook magazine. It’s a new design for a portable adjustable ramp. Bill (aka Wrench) did most of the work, I just supervised and did all the typing parts. The article came out great, and the ramp works very [...]


Bash Night Out

I normally don’t post stories of us out bashing the night away, but this one had so many interesting things, I felt compelled to mention it. It started out when I get a phone call from Kierre seen in the left picture showing off his winning… err loosing Slash after one of our famous demolition derby improves, anyway, [...]


Basher Tips! From us to you!

If you take a look over to the left there, you will notice a new section. At the moment, it’s called “Tips for Bashers”, if we come up with something better, maybe we will change it… but for the moment it stays. Anyway, the idea is to create a new section of tips for people out there getting into [...]