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Big Squid RC Live #26

We are going live at 9pm CST! So hang out, chat, ask questions, and enjoy the weekly chit-chat! The Live show is now over, please enjoy the replay below on YouTube. There was some good stuff this evening.. even a teaser video!


Big Squid RC Live – #25

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years, rockin ours peers and puttin suckas in fear. The show is now over.. thanks to all the viewers for hanging out! Catch the replay on Youtube here:Enjoy the show!


Don’t Forget the Live Show!

A reminder that tonight at 9pm CST we will be live! We’ll talk about recent RC news, answer questions from viewers, the usual train wreck, but to ease the pain, we will be giving away a Durango Vehicle tonight! Must be present and watching the LIVE show for a chance to win! Watch for more details as we get [...]


No Live Show Tonight

Hey all, Sorry.. we won’t be doing a live show tonight. A few people had some stuff going on tonight, and Google plus changed all sorts of stuff around on us earlier today.. mostly for the worse.. 🙁 So rather than bring you a limited 1 or 2 person show, we’ll re-schedule and aim for another date. Have you [...]


Big Squid RC Live! Show #25 – Leaping Lemur

If no one watches Big Squid RC Live, does it make any less sense? That’s a question philosophers have been pondering since the very dawn of human thought. Perhaps we’ll discuss such theories on tonight’s show. More likely though we’ll talk about Adam the Intern’s dad and inflatable girlfriend, Craig’s awesome hats, facial hair and maybe something about rc cars. [...]


Big Squid RC Live – Show #23

That’s right dudes and dudettes, show number #23 will be LIVE tonight at 9pm cst! If you do not see the video below, we are not live yet.. if it’s there and on Youtube, that means your watching the replay.As always, thanks for joining us! It should be an interesting show as I’m not sure who all will be [...]


BigSquidRC Google Plus Live Show

Big Squid RC Live! Show #22 starting at 9:30 CDT.

[Live show is over, catch the replay above or on our YouTube channel] Brian’s hair and nail appointment is running late… We’re doing the show tonight, no doubt, we’re just going to start it a little late. 9:30 CDT is tonight’s time. But in the mean time, hit the chat box below to start hanging out, one or more of us may [...]


BSRC Live Show

Big Squid RC Live! is postponed until Thursday night

Headline says it all. Brian is watching his kids do something. Tim is watching his kids play volleyball or something. My head exploded due to allergies and my headless corpse is unable to speak. And the rest. So we’re bumping tonight’s show to tomorrow, when Brian won’t be watching his kids do something, Tim won’t be watching volleyball and my [...]


Big Squid RC Live! Show #21

It’s that time again for all the kind of stuff we usually do. Which is nothing of any importance. Tonight, we’ll be talking about all kinds of rc type stuff and probably making fun of Adam’s hair. While all that is going on I’ll probably be watching tv in the background and not paying attention to anything Brian is saying. [...]


Big Squid RC Live! – Show #20

[Live show is over, check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.] Welcome y’all to the grandest show on this web site. It’s so awesome your head may asplode. But that’s neither here nor there. Or here. Or there. Tonight, as always, we’ll be talking about the latest and greatest news in the rc hobby. And maybe something about [...]


Big Squid RC Live – Show #19

Welcome to Big Squid RC LIVE! Hang out with us, listen to us discuss the latest RC news, chat in the chat window below, ask questions, make comments.. it’s a good time! The live show is now over, but you can catch the awesome replay on Youtube below:Thanks again to everyone who joined us in the chat and conversed live! [...]


BSRC Live Google Plus Hangout

Reminder – BigSquidRC Live Show Tonight at 9pm CST

Tonight please join us for our BigSquidRC LIVE show from Google Plus Hangouts. The show goes off at 9pm CST and it can be found in the top post right here on We’ll be going over the weekly rc news and taking your questions, plus you never know what surprises we might have planned.


Big Squid RC Live! Show #18

Welcome folks, fans and newcomers to this evenings show! If you don’t see a video streaming below, that means we have not gone live yet. We start the fun at 9pm cst. After the show is over, you can catch the replay below, or on our Youtube Channel.Thanks for joining us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


BigSquidRC Google + LIVE Show

BigSquidRC LIVE Show Tonight at 9PM CST

Here is a quick reminder that our weekly LIVE show goes off tonight at 9PM CST. What do we have planned for tonight? Well, you have to tune in and find out! Viewing the show couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is visit our front page where there will be a new post with the video feed and [...]


Big Squid RC Live! Show #17

[Update: Live show is now over. Check out the replay above or on our YouTube channel.] Welcome to Big Squid RC Live tv video show for make happy time on your internet box dot com. Tonight’s show is probably going to be about March-Bashness 2013. Maybe some other stuff thrown in for good measure. Brian probably won’t be in again, he’s [...]