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The Cub Report Version 11.02.08

Anybody else tired of blue colored anodized parts? Goodness knows I am. What made one-off works parts look so trick a decade ago, is standard equipment on every Chinese knock-off entering America. Ever notice the first hundred times you listened to “Come On Eilene” by Dexys Midnight Runners was ok, but the 101st time you wanted to stick a hot [...]


Cub Report Version 10.26.08

Where is the 8th scale brushless revolution? Has that “trend of the day” already been surpassed? The technology has been available to make this work for at least a year now, but there are only two non-conversion 8th scale electric buggies out on the market right now, the Caster EX-1R, and the Losi Eight-E. It’s been more than 2 years [...]