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Castle Creations Cobra 8 Brushless ESC

Castle Creations Cobra 8 Brushless ESC

New over at Castle Creations is the Cobra 8 Brushless ESC. The new Cobra 8 is designed for use in 1/8th scaled vehicles and can run sensored, non-sensored, or brushed motors. Here are the highlights- * Designed for 1/8 vehicles weighing up to 15 lbs * State-of-the-art 32-bit, dual-core processor * Enhanced data logging capabilities * CNC machined aluminum bottom case * Waterproof for all [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Powering the TLR LMT

Hey folks and Happy Thursday! Well, last weekend it finally was time to re-power my new TLR tuned LMT. I got five to six years of use out of my Graupner brushless system, but it finally starting acting up. It was time to go shopping! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a new Castle system so after doing a bit of research, [...]


Losing grip – Watch what the receiver receives

Knowledge ought to save money, but it doesn’t always. Lacking a BEC, a receiver can be powered by a receiver pack, often 5 NiMh cells with a nominal output of 6V. I knew this, and that’s why I just smoked my Traxxas TQi receiver and need to get a new one. Very annoying. Let’s start from the beginning. I have a [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Explaining the BEC

A BEC is one of the most important upgrades you can make to your scaler, but it’s also one of the most confusing. While noobs are not surprisingly usually a bit in the dark on what one is, even long time hobbyists can sometimes be aloof. Let’s start with the “what”. A BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) is a device that allows [...]


Castle Creations Election Day Sale on Now!

Were you thinking of grabbing that latest Castle Creation product? Well this is the time to do it! Castle Creations is doing an Election Day sale, with $20 off $100, $50 off $200, $85 off $300, and $175 off $600! A great deal for anyone looking for a new set of electronics! Looking for more Castle news? Find it Right Here [...]


Castle Creations Connectors Review

Product Spotlight – Castle Creations Connectors

Hi, this is Iron Mike again, the ultimate lover of long walks on the beach and a connoisseur of the destruction of rc cars. So Cubby called me up a few weeks ago and said, “Get over to my house right now, time for you to earn your keep!”. I have gotten to know Cubby pretty well over the years, whenever [...]


Castle Talon 120HV ESC

Castle Creations Talon 120HV ESC

For all you air fanatics, Castle Creations has a new ESC coming to their Talon line-up. The Talon 120HV can handle up to 6000 watts of continuous power and features a built-in 20 amp peak BEC. * Voltage range- 3 to 12S LiPo * Width- 2.01″ * Length- 3.81″ * Height- .8″ * Weight- 6.56 oz * Maximum continuous current- 120 amps * Aluminum case, optional 40mm [...]


Castle Creations E-Fest 2014

Castle Creations Booth at E-Fest 2014

The crew over at Castle Creations are all about making things go faster, at E-Fest 2014 they had their entire line of brushless air products on display. The Castle Talon series ESCs have made a quite a name for themselves, not just in airplanes, but also in multi-rotor applications, and we got a chance to check out a quadcopter that [...]


Castle Creations 8th ESC 2200 motor combo

Castle Creations Sidewinder 8th ESC and 2200kV Motor Combo

The crew over at Castle Creations have a new 1/8th scale waterproof esc and motor combo. The new speed controller is called the Sidewinder 8th and the combo comes with a 1515 2200kV brushless motor. The BEC on the Sidewinder 8th is fixed at 5.5 volts and the ESC has a maximum cell count of 6S LiPo. The part number is [...]


Castle iHobby 2013

Castle Booth, iHobby 2013

Of course we are huge fans of brushless power here at BigSquidRC, and they don’t get more powerful than Castle Creations. At iHobby 2013 Castle had a booth full of brushless goodness, including their new Waterproof Sidewinder SCT speed controller. The new SideWinder SCT keeps all its previous features, but the addition of waterproofing means you can dive right into [...]


Hitec Castle HSB-9370TH servo

Neu Castle Powered Hitec HSB-94XX and HSB-93XX Series Servo'…

We first reporter about these HERE back in 2011, but now they are officially ready for market, Hitec HSB-94xx and HSB-93XX series servo’s. To make life easier on your BEC, Hitec teamed up with the Neu Castle brushless motor crew to produce new servos with all the power, but with less power consumption. The Neu Castle brushless motors used in the new [...]


Castle Creations 0808 4 pole brushless motor for mini

Castle 20mm 0808 Four Pole Brushless Motors for Mini’s

Castle Creations has just announced a new 20mm brushless motor for your mini car or truck. For more torque Castle uses a 4 pole design and it is available in three different kv’s- 4100, 5300 and 8200. The 4100 and 5300 are rated for use up to 3S Lipo, while the 8200 is rated for 2S. The MSRP is $50 [...]


castle creations sidewinder 3

Castle Creations Sidewinder3 and Mamba Monster 2 Info

A while back we posted that Castle Creations would be upgrading their Sidewinder and Mamba Monster line to waterproof versions. Well the Sidewinder3 and Mamba Monster 2 have been officially detailed and are ready to go. We aren’t sure what took Castle so long for their in house product line to catch up to their OEM line, since that’s has [...]


Castle says let’s Get WET!!!!

Just found this ad for Castle’s final stab at World ESC Domination! After years and years of all of us hardcore basher types whining about not getting their Castle ESC wet, it seems like they are finally starting to get the hint. All the info we have so far is what’s in the Ad… Looks like there will be [...]


Snappy RC Products Castle Speed Controller Mount for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

Snappy RC Products Castle Speed Controller Mount for the Tra…

Are you tired of landing from a huge jump only to find that your double sided tape has given way and your speed controller is flopping around inside of your truck? Yes, us too. Luckily a company named Snappy RC Products is manufacturing durable mounts to keep our expensive speed controllers safely planted to the chassis. Shown above is Snappy’s [...]