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CEN Matrix5-SC now available

CEN Racing has heard the call and answered it.  That call was for a 1/5 scale short course truck.  The Matrix5-SC is built on their Matrix5-B buggy platform that has been around for a long time and has attracted quite a following.  The Matrix5-SC, just like it’s siblings, offers full-time 4wd, big bore oil filled shocks, and [...]


THE Cub Report- 04.24.09, Version Beck E-Pro

Is it just me or are there some really Fugly trucks being released this year? It might just be me, but it seems like 09′ is a banner year for ugly truck releases. I tell ya, every week there seems to be another one that tops the previous fugmaster. This week it happened to be the CEN Matrix SC truck. [...]


Team Novak Brushless HV Pro Conversion Kits

Team Novak has just issued a press release about the new Brushless in a Box HV Pro 6.5 conversion kits. The kit comes with the HV 6.5 brushless motor, steel pintion gear, motor heat sink, two battery boxes, ESC cooling fan, motor cooling fan, antenna mount, hardware kit and instructions. They now have a ton of kits [...]



Ok, normally I let Cubby do the ranting around here. 1) He’s good at it, and B) He likes the hate mail more then I do. That being said, I’m going to hop up on my soap box here for a minute and get something off my chest. Lately I have been starting to see terms and phrases [...]


Big Squid Introduction of New Writer – “Josh”

I am Josh, and will be writing “mini-reviews” of new or interesting products and news in the crawling area of RC. Compared to many that have been involved in this hobby for many years, I am a relative noob. I have been really only involved at a hobbyist level for a little over a year, but I have [...]


New Vehicles: CEN Matrix Baja! CEN RC Monster Truck!

So I made a few phone calls to our spys in the trenches and came up with these. I have been told that these are still in testing, and both vehicles may change before we see them for sale. This first vehicle is being called the CEN Baja Matrix STX. It’s a cool new trophy truck [...]


CEN News in the Future?

I don’t have much info on these new vehicles that some CEN Racing employee’s were out testing somewhere, but it looks like there is a new Matrix Buggy and TR Arena Truggy on the horizon. I’ll make a few calls and see what dirt I can dig out of some of our spy’s out there. [...]