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ASK Cubby - The Best of Your Questions, The Worst of My Answ…

“Building an Arrma Limitless Yo, Cubby. All of this quarantine downtime has me thinking about starting a new build and I have my eyes on the Limitless kit. I didn’t recall seeing this covered before on Big Squid and wanted to see how you would spec one out for general parking lot bashing on 4S With 6S capability. ESC/Motor/Servo, what would [...]


Kyosho Cubby

ASK Cubby – Smart Questions, Questionable Answers

“RC Super Stadium Truck Hello Mr. Cubby, I have a question: As I watch Stadium Super Truck races online, I think-wow, that would make for a great RC platform. They race, they jump, they bash, they go fast and they look scale. But when I look for an RC SST, I don’t see IFS/solid rear axle. I see stadium [...]


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ASK Cubby – You Supply The Questions, I Supply The Bullpucky

“No-Prep Cubby, I am starting a new no-prep drag car build, what is the easiest way to go about it, where do I even start? Guthrie C.” Cubby- Hola there Guthrie, thanks for taking some time out of your life to send us an email. A snail mail for a sticker pack, as always. What is the easiest way to build a no-prep drag car? [...]


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ASK Cubby – More of Your Letters, More of My Non-Sense

“Best Mud Tires I need some advice Cubby and I know you are the $%@#$@ man to go to. Over the Covid break I bought a new 6S Kraton which has been a lot of fun. With it raining so much where I drive, what are the best options for mud tires? Are paddles a good way to go? Preston A.” Cubby- Hola [...]


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ASK Cubby – Your Letters, My Non-Sense

“Ask Cubby Cubster, My six year old has been saving all the money he’s gotten for birthdays, Christmas, chores etc. and is determined to get an R/C car. He drives my Slash well in training mode. Our LHS is a bit depleted right now, but is starting to get stock back in. They have Arrma, ECX and Traxxas available to order from. [...]


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ASK Cubby – Your Best Questions, My Worst Answers

“New Pro-Line Hey Cubby, what do you think of Pro-Line’s new bodies with the color in the lexan, the tough color bodies? Leonard B.” Cubby- Oh yes, Leonard, what about those new Pro-Line Tough Color bodies? Well, here are my thoughts- I hate to paint. Actually, I am sorry, I was wrong on that. I really, really, HATE to paint bodies. Some people love [...]


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ASK Cubby – The Covid Rages On As The Questions Pour In

“Save Me The last truck I picked up didn’t come with a servo saver. Does the truck really need one Cubby? Ramone H.” Cubby- Yo yo yo Ramone, thanks for writing in. A snail mail for a sticker pack, per the norm my friend. Does your truck “need” a servo saver? IMO, it depends. Most rock crawlers don’t use a servo saver. In rock [...]


ASK Cubby – Great Questions, Terrible Answers

“Shocks In one of your reviews you talked about how the shocks on a truck had a lot of stiction. WTF is stiction? Is that even a word? Albert W.” Cubby- Well hello there Albert, thanks for writing in. If you hook me up with your snail mail, I will hook you up with one of our BigSquidRC sticker packs. Is stiction a word? [...]


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ASK Cubby – So Many Questions, So Little Answers

“More Traxxas UDR Tires What’s up Cubby? During Covid got a new Traxxas UDR, what kinda tires you running? Donald M.” Cubby- Hey ya there Donny, not much new here except still in fairly serious lock-down mode. I live in a large metro area, so my area is still in hardcore mode. I hope that you, and the people that live in your [...]


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ASK Cubby – You Write The Questions, I Slack On The Answers

“SBR vs UDR Off-road Cubby, What’s your opinion on the SBR vs UDR? My next “scale rig” is going to be a fast one, which one you like? Ward J.” Cubby- Hola there Ward, nice question ya got there. Ya know, I’ve seen a bunch of crawler guys pick up a “scale go fast” truck lately. Seems they are trying to bring even more intricate [...]


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ASK Cubby – More Pandemic, More Questions

“Industry question Cub, what are you hearing out there? How bad is it so far? (Name withheld by request)” Cubby- Well hello there “Name withheld by request”, pleasure to meet ya, LOL. 🙂 Ya know, I would totally have expected the Covid-19 pandemic to have kicked the pecker-in of pretty much everyone in rc. However, that is not the case. There are some [...]


Cubby Optima

ASK Cubby – Corona Ain’t Stopping This Train

“Going cordless What’s a good cordless drill set-up for wrenching Cubby? I am finally ready to make the switch as I am getting older and my arthritis is kicking my ass. Randy B.” Cubby- Well hello there oh Great Randy, thanks for shooting me an email. Ya know, I have used MIP hand tools for close to, ummmmmm, like gee, over 20 years now. [...]


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ASK Cubby – As The Corona Virus Turns…

“WTF All my local hobby shops are closed, just like my local parks. I can’t even drive in an empty parking lot. WTF am I supposed to do with all my rc gear now? Cubby, this sucks a$$. I have all this money in rc gear and I can’t even use it. I gotta park all 4 of my trucks all [...]


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ASK Cubby - It's Thursday (or Friday!), That Means Question …

“SCX10 III vs TRX-4 Which one do you like better Cubby, the SCX10 III or the TRX-4? That Axial looks really good, but the Traxxas has been hard to beat. Larry S.” Cubby- Oh heck yes Larry, the all new Axial Racing SCX10 III has created a lot of buzz in the rock crawling world. The V3 got trick little things like hidden [...]


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ASK Cubby – Quarantine Questions

“Pro-Line Supersonic Question Cubby, Does the new Supersonic speed run body from Pro-Line fit my two wheel SC10? Thanks for any advice. Corey C.” Cubby- Yo Corey, thank You for taking the time to write in. I have actually been getting a bit more email the last few days, including a few questions about the new Pro-Line Supersonic. It is very cool for Pro-Line to [...]