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Randy's Donut Cubby

THE Cub Report- The Impression That I Get

Well hello there, whether this is your first time reading BigSquidRC or the 1 millionth, I am glad you have decided to spend a few minutes with us. I woke up in perhaps the worst mood in decades, what better way to get my mind off things than to talk some rc? It’s a been a while since I’ve talked about [...]


Cubby Quadcopter Shovel

THE Cub Report – Never Say Never, Except For…

Well hello there rc fans, thanks for tuning in to this week’s Cub Report. Our bash crew hopes you had a stellar weekend, just as we did at Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest. Of course everyone wants to know how was attendance at RC Fest this year. To me, it was heavier than expected on Friday, very heavy on Saturday, and a [...]


hitec cubby

THE Cub Report – Back In The Saddle

Well hello there folks, nice to see ya on a Tuesday. For years I’ve been consistent about getting THE Cub Report up on Mondays, but that hasn’t always been the case. In the very early days of THE Cub Report I think I did them on Thurs or Fri, but then ended up using Mondays. Yesterday, on Memorial Day, I [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

THE Cub Report – Go Epic, Or Go Away

Hey there folks, welcome to THE Cub Report. Like most weeks, there is a ton going on, so I am going to jump right in. First up, before I get to the main subject, I would like to mention the Team Associated CR12. I am sorry, but I grew up when Team Associated were the best cars you could buy. When [...]


Cubby with big woman

THE Cub Report – Finding Marvingate

Is it summer yet? Around the greater Chicago metro it feels more like early spring, but luckily most of the country is sporting the type of temps you want for getting out and bashing. Or busting out the rc boat, plane, tank, etc. 🙂 First up this week is Pro-Line’s By The Fire! It is almost here (goes down this weekend!), [...]


Cubby Helmet

THE Cub Report – RC Fest And Why You Need To Be There

Hey folks, thanks for clicking over to BigSquidRC, it is Monday and this is THE Cub Report. I am in a bullet point mood today, so hang on, here we go on some discussion for Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest. * RC Fest is under a month away, and during all my years in the rc biz, I have never seen anything [...]


Cubby Rocky Mountain Show 2017

THE Cub Report – Jeff Hoy Is Bertram Gilfoyle?

Well hello there friends, thanks for visiting BigSquidRC, and thanks for reading THE Cub Report. Ya, so about that title, LOL. This week the title refers to our internet/back-end guy Jeff Hoy (I think you can guess which guy he is, LOL), and how strangely similar he is to Silicon Valley’s computer guru Bertram Gilfoyle. I almost can’t watch that [...]


Cardinals Cubby

THE Cub Report – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man

Here we are folks, another week in the rc hobby. Wow, the last year or two have been wild haven’t they? The good news is that things seem to be settling down, still, it may be another year or two before we see how everything shakes out. Any which way, welcome to THE Cub Report, and as always, thanks for [...]


THE Cub Report – Officially Official

Hello folks and welcome to THE Cub Report. Once again, there is a LOT going on this week, so I’ll attempt to keep this as brief as possible (never happens.. LOL). First up… Huge props to the #arrmaarmy for crushing all the competition in BigSquid’s 2018 March Bashness. The ARRMA Kraton is our 2018 Overall March Bashness Champion, and deservedly so, [...]


Statue Cubby

THE Cub Report – Grow Fast, Or Die Slow…

Coming to you live from the greater Chicago metro area, welcome to THE Cub Report. We are insanely busy around this place, so lets see how fast I can bust this out. 🙂 First up, Mud, Rocks, and Tears! Finally, our first ever scale crawling event is upon us. #mrt2018 goes down this Saturday in Crystal City, Missouri, and we would [...]


Cubby Booth Babe

THE Cub Report – The Immaculate Conception

So here we are folks, another week in rc. Hummmm, let me think. Naw, I can’t really think of anything exciting that went down at all last week. So we can probably end THE Cub Report right here don’t ya think? LOL. Ya, so Horizon Hobby has placed an official bid to buy Hobbico. OK, so let me give some incredibly [...]


Cubby And Girls iHobby

THE Cub Report – Quadrophenia

Hello there rc people, thanks for clicking over to BigSquidRC. No matter if you are a first day noobie, or have been pulling trigger since the 1970s, THE Cub Report is here to ramble on and on about our beloved hobby of rc. First up, how about That Podcast Of Ours? Ya, it took a while to get all of our [...]


Cubbys harem

THE Cub Report – Below Zero

Well hello there rc people, happy Monday and welcome to THE Cub Report. I don’t have a lot running around in my mind today. We are super slammed working on reviews, as well as a million other things. Our March Bash-ness contest is just around the corner, which we have been prepping for since the middle of last month. For you [...]



THE Cub Report – Runnin’ Down A Dream

Yup, here we are folks, yet another incredibly busy week in the hobby. Thanks for joining us here at BigSquidRC. Here we go… First up, how about that Revo 2? Ya, since our review we’ve been getting a lot of email about it, but ya, it is legit. Seriously, I hate to say it is the toughest truck we’ve ever reviewed, [...]


Cubby Smile

THE Cub Report – Behind Blue Eyes

Hello all, welcome to this week’s Cub Report. I am Cubby and once a week I write a column about the news in the rc biz. Shall we dive in? I think most people would have dismissed the PR that we posted about Traxxas reps meeting with consumers at PCH. This isn’t an uncommon practice, or at least it wasn’t in [...]