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ECX Circuit 4wd Review

Review – ECX Circuit 4WD RTR Stadium Truck

THE ECX Circuit 4WD RTR ReviewMyself, like many of you, spent years driving 2wd Stadium Trucks. They were a whole lot easier to drive and bash with compared to a typical 2wd buggy. A 4wd stadium truck would have been even better, but there were very few available, and those that were tended to break all the time. ECX recently released [...]


Unboxing ECX Circuit 4wd

Unboxing – ECX Circuit 4WD Stadium Truck

The ECX line-up has become quite popular among the bashing crowd, and the Circuit 4wd is yet another affordable bash machine from them. While we were unboxing our review ECX Circuit 4wd we took some pictures to show you exactly what it looks like inside the box. The Circuit 4×4 is a RTR stadium style truck that comes with everything you [...]


ECX Torment 4wd Review

Review – ECX Torment 4wd RTR Short Course Truck

THE ECX Torment 4wd RTR SCT ReviewECX, while still a relatively “new” brand, has made quite the splash in the bashing market. Their original 2wd Torment short course truck proved to be a capable bash machine, as well as several other vehicles in their line-up. We’ve been driving one of their new 4wd Torment RTR SCTs for a few weeks [...]


ECX Torment 4x4 Unboxing

Unboxing – ECX Torment 4×4 SCT RTR

Our full review of the ECX Torment 4wd SCT comes up later this week so it’s time for us to post the unboxing pictures. Take a look at the pictures below to see exactly what it looks like to crack the box open on a brand new Torment 4wd. After we opened the box, we noticed that everything you need to [...]


RPM Rear Arms ECX Torment Ruckus Circuit

RPM Rear A-arms for 2wd ECX Torment, Ruckus & Circuit

RPM has new rear a-arms for the ECX Ruckus/Circuit/Torment. Not only are the RPM arms much stronger than the stock units, but they are also higher performance. The RPM arms are built to tighter tolerances and are 21% lighter than the stock arms. Stronger, plus higher performance, plus lifetime warranty, equals winning! The part number for the rear arms is #70462, [...]


ECX Version 2.1 Updates

Version 2.1 Update for 2wd Brushed ECXs

ECX has some updated versions of their popular 2wd brushed vehicles. The update looks to be a LiPo compatible ESC, and while the price stays the same on the Boost buggy ($149), prices go up $20 for the Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment to $189. To check out all the products that ECX offers here is a link to their [...]


RPM ECX Front A-arms Ruckus Circuit Torment

RPM Front A-Arms for ECX Torment, Ruckus & Circuit

For all you ECX owners, the good folks over at RPM RC have announced Front A-Arms for the Torment, Ruckus, and Circuit. In typical RPM fashion, the new arms were designed for extreme use, built much beefier than that stock units, yet with tighter tolerances to reduce slop. Larger bosses are used in the hinge pins areas to reduce breakage, [...]


ECX Circuit 4x4 4wd

ECX Goes 4×4 with Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment

ECX has just taken their Ruckus, Circuit, and Torment up a notch be releasing 4×4 versions of them. The 4wd versions come completely ready to run and are powered by 550 sized 15 turn Dynamite brushed motors. 7 cell Ni-MH packs are included and all three have a street price of $239, making them quite affordable. To get more information [...]


ECX 1/18 Ruckus Review

Review – ECX Ruckus 1/18 4WD RTR Monster Truck

THE ECX Ruckus 1/18 4WD RTR Monster Truck ReviewWe were big fans of the 10th scale ECX Ruckus. It was tough, it drove well, and we had a blast thrashing it like we stole it. Today we are putting its little brother, the 1/18th ECX Ruckus Monster Truck, through its paces. Hit the “Read More” button to find out if [...]


Unboxing ECX 1/18 Ruckus

Unboxing – ECX Ruckus 1/18 4WD RTR Monster Truck

Small scale vehicles can make great bash machines, they are inexpensive, usually take a good beating, and can be driven almost anywhere. Today we’ll be showing you what it looks like to unbox a new ECX 1/18th Ruckus 4wd Monster Truck. It’s bigger brother is loads of fun to bash, we’ll see if the 18th scale version is just as, [...]


ECX 18th Torment 4wd RTR SCT

ECX 1/18th Torment 4wd RTR Short Course Truck

The second new 1/18th ECX to be announced today is the 4wd Torment short course truck. Utilizing the same platform as the 1/18th 4wd Ruckus, the 1/18th Torment comes with everything you need right in the box to get your bash party started. Gear diffs, sturdy nylon composite parts, and oil filled shocks come standard, helping to make the 1/18th [...]


ECX Ruckus 18th 4WD Monster Truck

ECX Ruckus 1:18th 4WD Monster Truck

After going big with 8th scale buggies last fall, ECX is now going smaller with the announcement of a pair of 18th scalers. ECX are some of our favorite bash machines, we are stoked to see their product line continue to grow. The 18th scale Ruckus comes with everything you need to get going right in the box. In addition, 4wd [...]


ECX Brushless Ruckus

Hot – ECX Torment & Ruckus Brushless Powered Editions

Both the ECX Torment SCT and the ECX Ruckus have made quite an impact on the bashing scene. Now ECX has made them even more powerful by releasing brushless powered versions. A Dynamite 3300kv 4 pole brushless motor is used to give the two trucks a healthy increase in power, while heavy duty driveshafts help to make it bulletproof. The part [...]


ECX Price Drop and Upgrades

Lower Pricing and New Upgrades on ECX 10th Scale Vehicles

We have previously posted about the new upgrades the 10th scale line-up from ECX is receiving for 2013. The upgrades include things like a Spektrum DX2E transmitter, new body designs, wheels/tires, and waterproof electronics. Now ECX has announced a permanent price drop on their 10th scale vehicles. While prices from other manufactures are going up, ECX is out to save you [...]


ECX Summer 2013 updates

Updates for the ECX Line-up

Horizon has announced that their updated ECX line-up will be hitting hobby shops this summer. Some of the updates include- * New bodies/colors * Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz transmitters * Waterproof Spektrum SR201 receivers * Waterproof Dynamite 15T Tazer ESC * Heavy duty drive-shafts * Dynamite 15 turn motors for the Ruckus and Torment * Dynamite 20 turn motors for the Boost and Circuit The ECX’s are some [...]