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Exotek Racing DR10 Bumper Set

Add Front-end Protection to Your DR10 with Exotek Racing's B…

Alongside their DR10 Motor Guard, Exotek Racing has released an aftermarket bumper set for the DR10 dragster. Combining aluminum, carbon fiber, and foam, this bumper upgrade adds a touch of style and plenty of protection to the front-end of your R/C drag racer. Utilizing the same foam found in R/C touring cars, this bumper has been designed to mount directly to [...]


Exotek Racing DR10 Aluminum Motor Guard

Exotek Racing's Aluminum Motor Guard for the Team Associated…

Exotek Racing has introduced a new option part for the Team Associated DR10 dragster. Their aluminum DR10 Motor Guard provides added protection for your R/C dragster’s motor while also giving it a solid foundation to mount your wheelie bar. The motor guard has been designed as a direct-fit component and won’t require additional drilling or chassis modifications. Blending both form and [...]


Exotek front bulkhead associated

Exotek Front Bulkhead for the Associated B44.3

Years ago 4wd 1/10th buggies had a terrible reputation for breakage. Back in those days even the slighest tap to a pipe usually resulted in a broken part and a DNF. The new age of 4wd buggies are different, they can take harder hits without snapping a part, but like every other vehicle out there, they do have their weak [...]


Exotek F1 Front Suspension

Exotek F1R2 (IFS) Independent Front Suspension Set

Exotek has a new F1R2 Independent Front Suspension Set to make your F1 car faster than ever. The Exotek IFS gives your car more suspension travel and body roll, this allows you to drive into corners harder while being able to soak up curbing and bumps without backing off the throttle. Designed to fit a standard F104 bolt pattern, the [...]


Exotek Shock Towers

Exotek Racing Carbon Fiber Shock Towers for the Losi Mini 8I…

One of our favorite bash trucks to come out this year was the Losi Mini 8IGHT-T. For all you Mini 8IGHT-T owners Exotek Racing has come out with some high-zoot carbon fiber shock towers. These are made from 3mm thick carbon fiber, making them lighter, yet stronger, than the stock units. The front tower also comes with revised geometry, giving [...]


Exotek carbon fiber chassis Durango DEX210v2

Exotek Carbon Fiber Chassis for the Durango DEX210v2

What is the single trickest upgrade you can put on your car? Oh ya, a carbon fiber chassis! Now you Team Durango DEX210v2 owners can do just that thanks to Exotek. Made from 2.5mm carbon fiber, it is ultra light (35 grams lighter) and flexes slightly than the stock aluminum unit to provide more grip. Best of all? It just [...]


Exotek TLR 22 Front Shock Tower

Exotek TLR 22 2.0 5MM Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower

Indoor racing season is officially here in the Midwest, a time when many hobbyists grab their 2wd race buggies and head inside to get their rc fix. However, many indoor tracks are tight, technical, and generally rough on cars. If you are a TLR 22 driver looking to beef up your buggy for indoor use, the new Carbon Fiber Front Shock [...]


Exotek Skid Plate Weight Durango

Exotek Durango DEX/DESC 410 Rear Skid Plate Weight

One way of getting a more planted feel from the rear of your Team Durango DEX/DESC410 is by adding weight. To make that task easy (and trick looking), Exotek has announced a new Rear Skid Plate Weight that perfectly fits both vehicles. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, the Exotek part looks cool and helps to keep the rear end of [...]


exotek direct spur gear hub 22

Exotek Racing Direct Spur Gear Hub for TLR 22 Series

The crew over at Exotek Racing have announced a Direct Spur Gear Hub the TLR 22 series of vehicles. The direct spur gear hub eliminates the slipper clutch which can be beneficial in certain conditions. Eliminating the slipper saves weight, this helps to increase acceleration and can result in lower motor temperatures. The direct hub also allows the use of [...]


Exotek Carbon Fiber B5M Battery Strap

Exotek Associated B5M Carbon Fiber ‘FLITE’ Strap

So you just built a new Associated B5M but don’t know where to start to uber it out. Carbon fiber is always a good choice and Exotek has just announced a pretty trick battery “Flite” strap for the B5M. The Exotek piece is lighter and stiffer than the stock piece, and looks infinitely cooler. The part number for the B5M [...]


Exotek Micro RS4 CVD

Exotek Ball Diff and CVDs for HPI Micro RS4

Remember the long hours spent over on One18th looking at thread after thread of ubered-out HPI Micro RS4s? Yes, the BigSquid crew has been there too. Then the micro market died out, One18th went away, and so did aftermarket interest in the littlest HPI touring car. HPI has recently released some new Micro RS4s and now we are starting to see [...]


Exotek Associated Direct spur gear hub

Exotek Direct Spur Gear Hub for Associated B4/T4/SC10

There are some applications where you might want to eliminate the slipper clutch on your Associated B4, T4, or SC10. Some of those applications include stock class racing, oval racing, or more basher type events like pulling or tug-of-war. The Exotek crew has a spur gear hub that is a sano way of eliminating the stock slipper set-up. Once installed [...]


Exotek F1R2 Pro Conversion

Exotek F1R2 Pro Conversion for the Tamiya F103 & F104

Formula 1 has become quite popular in the rc world the last few years, and with it getting more popular the aftermarket companies have responded with more goodies. The latest from Exotek is an uber Pro Conversion Kit for the Tamiya F103 & F104 Formula 1 cars. This conversion can take your F1 car to the highest levels of performance. [...]


ExoTek TEK-SCT V2 Micro Conversion Kit

ExoTek TEK-SCT V2 Micro Conversion Kit

For all you Losi Micro fans looking to uber-out your car, ExoTek has a new Version 2 of their TEK-SCT conversion kit. The V2 has numerous changes that include- * Anodized alloy battery cups. * Anodized alloy steering guide. * Anodized alloy receiver mounting plate for stock electronics The part number for the ExoTek V2 TEK-SCT kit is #1362 and it has a street [...]



Exotek Steering Rack Conversion Set for Losi 22 Series

The crew over at Exotek have just announced a compact and efficient steering rack conversion kit for the Losi/TLR 22 series of vehicles. The Exotek rack makes it easy to make tuning adjustments and perfect for drivers looking to make their 22 the best it can be. The new Exotek rack is constructed from high quality 7075 aluminum and is [...]