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Firelands Group Hobbytown USA

Firelands Group at the 2014 HobbyTown USA Convention

Firelands Group, which is primarily sold at HobbyTown USA stores, brought their “A game” this year showing a bunch of new products at the convention. Helion RC is Fireland’s surface line-up and they unveiled two new products at the show. The Impakt 12B is a new 1/12 scale buggy designed to be bash worthy, affordable, and fun. While being listed as [...]


Helion Lagos Sport Boat Unboxing

Unboxing – Helion Lagos Sport RTR Boat

Helion RC is best known for their rc trucks, but we recently received their new boat, the Lagos Sport for review. The Lagos Sport is about 14″ long, is completely ready-to-run, and has an affordable street price of $59. Our full review is still a couple of weeks away, until then check out the unboxing pictures to see exactly what [...]


Helion Criterion RTR Buggy

Helion Criterion 1/10th Scale 2wd RTR Buggy

The 2wd buggy class has seen quite a resurgence in the last couple of years. The latest 2wd buggy to hit the scene comes from Helion with their Criterion RTR. The Criterion should make a great bash machine with its low price, waterproofing, and sturdy design. Some of the features and specifications of the Criterion include- * 12 turn brushed motor * [...]


Helion Criterion

Firelands Group, Helion, Ares Booth - Hobbytown USA Conventi…

We have finally made it back home and can start posting everything we saw at the 2013 HobbyTown USA Convention in Lincoln Nebraska. Firelands Group is sold exclusively at HobbyTown USA. Their Helion Invictus has been a big hit with bashers this summer, and the Helion product line just keeps getting bigger. Helion premiered their new Criterion 10th scale 2wd buggy [...]


IFT™ Evolve 300 CX Crash Avoidance Helicopter

IFT Evolve 300 CX Helicopter with Collision Avoidance Techno…

The crew over at Innovative Flight Technologies (IFT) have just introduced their new helicopter, the Evolve 300 CX. What makes the 300 CX so cool is its Collision Avoidance Technology (CAT), meaning it uses ultrasonic sensors to keep from smashing into walls, furniture, or basically any other large object. If you are flying full speed towards a wall it will [...]


Gil Losi Jr

Wednesday Interview – Gil Losi Jr.

You might remember Gil Losi Jr from his days with Team Losi, but newer hobbyists probably know him from companies like AKA Products and Firelands Group (Helion, Anza, Radient). Gil is a legend in the rc industry and we were lucky enough to get an interview with him. BigSquidRC: What trends do you see coming for the rc basher market? Gil: [...]


origin charger

Origin Charger From Firelands / Radient

New from the Radient RC folks is a entry level charger called the Origin. It’s a one button, NiMH/NiCd charger that is meant to keep it as easy as possible. It can handle 1-8 cells and charge from 1 to 4 amps. Radient chargers can be found on the Hobby Town Website. We have reviewed several Radient chargers in the past, [...]


animus shocks

Animus Aluminum Shocks

We just got our hands on the new Aluminum Shocks for the Helion RC Animus. These shocks will fit both the Animus 18SC and 18TR, and we are looking at putting these to the test. Watch for a review soon, but in the mean time, we recently reviewed a ton of hop up parts for the Animus, so if [...]


animus hop ups

Animus Hop-Up Parts Review

Animus Hop-Up Parts ReviewFor a lot of bashers, it’s all about the hop ups. How much bling can you add to your ride? Some do it for looks, some do it for durability, but we all do it. Every time I’m online, or at a hobby shop, I can’t help but look to see what I can add to my [...]


animus hop ups and upgrades

Animus Hop-Ups and Upgrades

For all you Animus fans, the Helion RC folks have released a TON of hop-ups for their 1/18th scale sc vehicle the Animus 18SC. As you can see from the picture, Wrench has a lot of work ahead of him. The color is orange, if the picture does not show that well. Here is a list of what they have [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Traxxas Slash

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash Review

Firelands Anza LCG Conversion for Traxxas Slash ReviewIt seems like forever ago that we heard about the Firelands Group was going to be putting out a LCG (Low Center of Gravity) Chassis upgrade for the Traxxas Slash. Then when we finally got to see a picture, we thought WOW, this could be interesting! Then we got one in our hands, [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Slash Now Shipping

We just got word that the Anza LCG Chassis from the division of the Firelands RC guys is now shipping. We actually just saw it start to turn up at the local Hobby Town. So if you are drooling as much as we are, you might want to head over there and pick up a set! Here are all the pics [...]



Helion Dominus 10SC 4wd Short Course Truck Review

THE Helion Dominus 10SC 4wd Short Course RTR Truck ReviewEverybody loves short course trucks- they look b!tch’n, they can usually handle a beating, and they are a blast to drive. But… if you walk in a hobby shop with only $200 cash in your pocket you can’t even walk out with a 2wd SCT, let alone 4wd. Well hello [...]


Animus 18TR

Unboxing the Helion Animus 18TR

We recently got in several vehicles from the Firelands Group, and have been putting them to the test recently so it was time to get the unboxing photo’s up. Here are a bunch of shots of the new Helion Animus 18TR. #gallery-29 { margin: auto; } #gallery-29 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-29 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-29 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() [...]



Helion Dominus 10SC Unboxing

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