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Unboxing the Helion Criterion 2WD Buggy

We recently received the new 1/10th scale 2WD buggy from Helion called the Criterion. We have already been banging on it for the review, as well as checking out the speeds under the radar gun since they have been claiming it’s one of the fastest RTR buggys on the market. For now, enjoy the unboxing photos. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Slash Now Shipping

We just got word that the Anza LCG Chassis from the division of the Firelands RC guys is now shipping. We actually just saw it start to turn up at the local Hobby Town. So if you are drooling as much as we are, you might want to head over there and pick up a set! Here are all the pics [...]


Anza LCG Chassis for Traxxas Slash

Anza LCG Chassis Set for Traxxas Slash

We have all been waiting a while now to see what the Firelands brain trust was going to come up with. We have been hearing rumors and seeing sneaked photos, but I think in the end nobody really expected this. We knew it was going to be a chassis, but wow! New from the Anza division of the Firelands RC guys [...]


helion animus 18tr

Helion Animus 18TR Review

THE Helion Animus 18TR 4×4 RTR ReviewWhen Cubby calls you answer it, so when I saw Cubby’s name pop up on my caller ID I knew I was either in for a butt chew’n or for something fun. Luckily he was calling to ask me to review the Helion Animus 18TR for BigSquid. The 18TR is the latest and [...]


Helion Animus

Helion RC – Animus 18SC Review

When BigSquid approached me to the do their review of the Helion Animus I jumped at the chance, its not every day a new 18th scaler hits the market these days, nor is it every day when a big name like Gil Losi Jr introduces an entirely new product line. I’ve spent much of my career racing 18th scales for [...]


Animus 18SC from Helion

Animus 18SC from Helion RC

So remember a few days ago when we mentioned the news about Mike Gillette, Gil Losi Jr., and Jason Corl launching a new company called Firelands Group? Well it’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days as we have scooped some more info. First off, here’s a nice big picture! The info we have been able [...]