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Heli-Max Novus 125 FP

Heli-Max also has a new heli that is a great step up from a beginner’s coaxial. It’s thee Novus 125 FP.  FP stands for Fixed Pitch.  A fixed pitch heli isn’t as manueverable as one that has collective pitch, but it is a bit easier to fly.  The Novus 125 is a sub-micro sized heli, meaning you can fly it [...]


Heli-Max Nano Novus UH-1D Huey

If you’re thinking about getting an r/c helicopter and you have no experience flying one, your best bet for success is to get a small coaxial helicopter.  Heli-Max has a new nano sized coaxial that is perfect for beginners.  The Novus UH-1D Huey is an extremely detailed, tiny helicopter that is perfect for flying around your living room and learning [...]


Heli-Max Novus 125 Micro Heli RTF

While it does not fall directly under the ‘basher’ category, a lot of bashers I know fly the Micro Heli’s during the winter months, even though we love to play in the snow, when it’s -15 outside, it’s just too cold to bash! So I wanted to mention this press release from Heli Max RC about some [...]