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Basher Nitro Circus 4x4 Short Course Truck

Basher Nitro Circus 4×4 Short Course Truck

The latest truck in the Basher Nitro Circus line-up is a 4×4 Short Course Truck. The 4wd SCT comes ARR, just needing radio gear and a battery to get going, and comes brushless powered with heavy duty metal driveshafts. Some of its other features and specifications include- * 2080kV brushless motor * Uses 3 sealed gear diffs * 35 amp ESC with reverse * [...]


HobbyKing Basher Nitro Circus Monster Truck

Basher Nitro Circus MT 1/8th Scale RC Monster Truck

Are you a big fan of Travis Pastrana? Can’t get enough of the wacky antics of the Nitro Circus crew? Yes, us too. There is big news from the guys at HobbyKing– a new officially licensed Basher Nitro Circus 8th Scale Monster Truck. Aimed straight at the backyard basher, the Nitro Circus MT comes with 4wd, big tires, and brushless power. The [...]


HobbyKing Car FPV Wheel and Pedal Kit

HobbyKing Wheel and Pedal FPV Kit

The world of driving rc cars from the FPV (first person view) is getting larger every single day, in fact, many industry insiders will tell you FPV is the future of our hobby. If you haven’t gotten your feet wet in the FPV scene yet HobbyKing has introduced a new wheel and pedal kit to make it easier to get [...]


Turnigy SCT

Turnigy’s New Brushless 4wd SCT ARR

If you are in the market for a new 4wd short course truck Turnigy might have the truck for you. The new tenth scale Turnigy 4wd short course truck comes with a slipper clutch, full time 4wd, oil shocks, and brushless power system. The truck is an ARR, meaning you will need a radio system and a battery pack to [...]


HobbyKing Genesis Offshore Brushless Boat – Fire Video

Seems like we have had a TON of boat news lately as it is the season in the Midwest.. Craig the Crazy Ramp Builder had his new HobbyKing Genesis boat out on the water for the first time last week. Sadly, it did not end well. 🙁Smoke and carnage around the 3:00 mark if you can’t sit through the cool [...]


HobbyKing Jumps Sharks?

In todays hot news, Flite Test releases a video of them doing a “review” of a couple of the HobbyKing batteries vs a ThunderPower Lipo. Go ahead and watch the vid I’ll wait. To me it’s like watching Fonzie jump over all those sharks on his water skis. Why? Because I take the “Flite Test” show as being a thinly [...]


Turnigy 1/10 Brushless 2WD Desert Racing Buggy

Turnigy has released a new 2WD Desert Racing Buggy. This brushless buggy is pre-built, but requires a radio and battery to be fully ready to run. You get plenty of power from a 35A esc with a fan and a 3300kv 540 motor, undoubtedly a bulletproof EZ-Run based system. You’ll also find steel driveshafts, adjustable camber and toe, as well [...]


hobbyking commercial

HobbyKing on TV!

Ok, it’s rare that we post anything about HobbyKing, and there is a long list of reasons, but that’s for another day. Today we saw the first HobbyKing ads on television! File this under our RC On TV section. This is big news in a few ways. Out of all the RC companies out there, how many are advertising on [...]


redcat shredder

Redcat Shredder SC 1:6 Scale Short Course Review

Redcat Shredder SC 1:6 Scale Short Course ReviewUsually when you hear the words Redcat and RC in the same sentence your initial reaction is to cringe. They just don’t have the best reputation out there right now. The products are usually pretty low priced, and the scales are always non-standard. Hobby shops rarely carry their products or parts, and [...]


zippy 30C 4000 2S1

Zippy 2S 7.4V Hardcase Lipo Battery Review

Zippy 2S 7.4V 30C 2S1P 4000 mah Hardcase Lipo Battery Review From: Hobby King Direct Link: Zippy 2s 7.4v 30C 2s1p 4000 mah Lipo Review by CubbyBack in 2004 there weren’t many choices in Lipo batteries, but today there are literally hundreds of companies that sell them. HobbyKing seems to be one of the most talked about Lipo companies, so this week [...]