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Another Awesome Bash Night!

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the private bash night at the Leisure Hours Raceway last night! It was a great time! We got to meet a lot of new faces, break lots of parts, and help out lots of newbies! It was cool to see all the kids out there having a good time, without having [...]


Big Squid RC Driver Tim Mohr Takes 3rd at Chitown Shootout!

A big congratulations goes out to our driver Tim Mohr who took third in the A-Main for Mod Short Course truck this weekend at the Chitown Shootout event at the Leisure Hours Raceway! There were about 290 entries this weekend, and a ton of classes with some great final races! Tim was racing the HPI Blitz and it [...]


THE Cub Report, Version 07.19.09

Magazine revenues from advertising are down, wayyyyy down. Sucks to be in the print biz right now. Click here for more info. The end game is going to be clicks for pay, and at this point, Rc Tech and Rc Universe are leading the field. Of course we here at BigSquidRC are working our way up, going a different path [...]


RC Rock Crawling at the Leisure Hours Raceway Course

Last weekend I stopped out at the Leisure Hours Raceway track to check out a little impromptu rock crawling action and take some pictures. A bunch of guys showed up to brave the weather and just have some fun on the LH RC Rock Crawling Course. It was a good time, and there were all sorts of vehicles. [...]


RC Drag Racing at Lynwood with Leisure Hours!

Just a reminder, that Saturday, July 19th, there will be some RC Drag Racying Action at the Lynwood Drag Way. The Event is going to be a Leisure Hours Hobbies special! It’s great to see Leisure Hours starting to get into the RC Drag Scene! Now if I could only convince them to pave that area [...]


Back on track, and with a new sponsor!

Well this was a rough couple of days! I was stuck in bed for a few with a 102 degree fever. I finally shake it off, to find have a lot of the behind the scenes server stuff of Big Squid RC was getting a big update! Hopefully things are running bigger, better, and faster! As a consequence, we were [...]