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Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo

New from Thunder Power RC is the Thunder Power 1S 6800mAh 65C Advanced Energy Series LiPo. If you are into the carpet racing scene, this is probably a pack you want to put on your shopping list. The Advanced Energy Series batteries from Thunder Power claim more voltage with longer run times, and are also lighter than their competition. If [...]


Orion Battery Safety Bag

New Orion Battery Safety Bag

The guys over at Orion have introduced a new Battery Safety Bag for use while storing and/or charging your battery packs. The Team Orion bag is made out of a fire resistant material and uses a hook and loop flap for easy access. The bag holds up to two 2S Lipo batteries and you can expect a street price of [...]


Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert MaxAmps

Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert From MaxAmps

An 8th scale buggy (or truggy) can pull some serious g-forces while bashing. Casing jumps, lawn-darting, or slamming curbs is a fairly common occurrence on the bash scene, all of which can cause damage to a battery pack. MaxAmps has introduced a new stainless steel battery tray insert designed to protect your battery during extreme use. The MaxAmps insert is [...]


MaxAmps Updated 12 Volt

Updated MaxAmps 12 Volt Power Supply

MaxAmps are not only makers of fine batteries but they also have high output DC power supplies. Recently the MaxAmps crew updated their power supply line-up by adding front grills, putting on fresh wraps, and making small internal changes. The 12 volt model shown above is good for 47 amps of output and costs right at $80. For complete specs [...]


MaxAmps Dual Core 8000 mah

New Dual Core Lipo Batteries from MaxAmps

The MaxAmps battery crew out of Spokane Washington announced a new battery to their line-up today, a Dual Core 8000 mah 150C discharge Lipo. Their new battery uses 4000 mah cells that when wired in parallel are said to give the lowest possible resistance while giving outstanding voltage under load. The new Dual Cores are capable of a 5C charge [...]


Hyperion 730iNet3

Hyperion EOS0730iNet3 30 Amp Battery Charger

Do you have large Lipo batteries? Are your Lipo’s capable of high charge rates? Are you late everywhere you go and have a minimal amount of time to charge your packs? If you meet any (or all) of those requirements here’s some great news for you, Hyperion has a charger capable of a 30 amp charge rate (up to 550 [...]


MaxAmps 10900

MaxAmps 10900mah 2-cell 120C Lipo

Word from MaxAmps is they just announced the new 10900mah 2-Cell 120C LiPo battery pack. Talk about your long run times! I’m pretty sure the way we bash, most our vehicles would be broken before we ran out of juice with a 10900 pack! LOL. It boasts the standard MaxAmps stats with 3-year 300 cycle guarantee, true 120C rating, 5C fast [...]


Reedy 4000mAH 60C 7.4V Shorty Li-Po

Reedy have announced a new 7.4v “Shorty” Li-Po for the racers out there. However if you do fancy bashing it, there’s no need to worry, because it’s 60c 4000mah cells are protected by a hardcase. Sounds like another Li-Po right? WRONG. It’s called “Shorty” for a reason – its short! That means you can slide it about in your standard sized battery [...]


Venom Low Voltage Monitor

Stay safe with this Low Voltage Monitor from Venom. You can set the alarm to sound between 2.7v and 3.8v per cell using 2s to 8s LiPo packs.  As well as a loud alarm, this tiny monitor has a LCD readout so you can check your packs voltages.Head over to the Venom Website for details!


RB Racing Batteries and Li-Po Sack

  RB Products have realeased a couple of pictures of their new batteries and a Li-Po charging bag. There will be  7.2V 1600mAh, 7.2V 3000mAh and 8.4V 4000mAh NiMH packs, as well as 3000mAh 30c 2s and a 4000mAh 45 2s Li-Po’s.         You can also get a cool printed Li-Po safe charging bag to match your fancy new battery packs!         Keep an eye on the RB [...]


trakpower saddle pack

TrakPower Lipo Saddle Packs

Here is a new Lipo from TrakPower. The 7.4v 5400mAh 60C Lipo Saddle Pack is ROAR Sanctioned, hard cased and comes with female bullet connectors. Look for these to hit shelves in the next couple of weeks. Hit the TrakPower website for details.


MaxAmps Water Cooled Lipo

MaxAmps Water-Cooled LiPO Battery Packs

The good folks from MaxAmps just announced the first water-cooled LiPo batteries! The Water-Cooled Hard Case LiPO 6500 2-Cell 7.4v Spartan Kit comes with a micro pump, and is built to keep your Traxxas Spartan battery setup running cool. The kit provides everything you need to get it installed. Now I only need to figure out how to set it [...]


PowerCell LiPo logo

A Little more Traxxas Lipo News

So after our news scoop yesterday, and the follow uppics earlier today, we got our hands on a little more official pic of the new Traxxas Lipo and logo. As you can see here in the pic of the 3S 8400mah Lipo, they are going with the name Power Cell. The batteries are engineered by Traxxas for Traxxas [...]


traxxas lipo

Traxxas Lipo’s and Charger

We broke the news yesterday about Traxxas getting into the battery business. We have a little more info for you as well as a new charger from them! It sounds like Traxxas is going to have all their bases covered, with everything from 2s 1600mah Lipo’s for their 1/16th scale vehicles, all the way up to a monster 3s [...]


THE Cub Report, Version 08.22.2010- Pay Up Suckers

How are tracks keeping their doors open now days? Have you looked at weekly attendance at your local tracks? More likely than not, your local track is getting 15-40 entries on a weekly basis, hardly enough to keep the lights on and rent paid. Well, I’ll tell ya how many tracks are keeping their doors open, big “trophy” races. Many [...]