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I have the POWER!!!! What’s up everybody, so when me and Boss Man Brian sat down to finalize the USTE 19 trip we ran in to a little problem. How were we going to get batteries down there? I said just ship them but that was a no go. Then Brian said what about taking them on the plane? Umm [...]


MaxAmps Battery Unboxing Video

Well, here is something we don’t do everyday, and unboxing VIDEO. On top of that, it’s a BATTERY unboxing video! Why in the world would we do that? Well, we aren’t going to spoil this one, you’ll need to watch and see for yourself. Dont’ worry.. it’s short.Hit THIS link for more information on the official MaxAmps website. Looking for [...]


Product Spotlight – MaxAmps Quad Lipo Batteries

MaxAmps 1s Lipo ReviewSmall Quadcopters like the Heli-Max 1SQ, Traxxas QR-1 and others are all the rage. They are the hot thing in RC right now, and when everyone has them, it’s time to look for upgrades. Well, there isn’t much you can do to these Mini quads as they are pretty bare bones to keep the weight down, and [...]


soldering iron

MaxAmps Soldering Iron Review

MaxAmps Soldering Iron ReviewHaving a decent soldering iron is an essential part of the RC hobby. At some point you are going to need to solder a connector, or something, so you should probably get a good one. Is the new soldering iron from MaxAmps the one to get? Keep reading to find out..


100 watt MaxAmps soldering iron

Hot New 100 watt Soldering Iron With Stand From MaxAmps

The crew over at MaxAmps announced today their new hobby grade soldering iron. Some of the features include- * 100 watts of power * Removable tip * Heat resistant handle * Comes with stand and sponge * Sturdy construction * 110-120 AC * Length: 11 inches * Weight: 5.3 oz * Cord length: 4.5 feet Street price is $40 and they are available right now. Hit THIS link for more [...]


MaxAmps Battery Boss Episode 3

For those of you following the online series from MaxAmps. The third episode of MaxAmps Battery Boss is now up and available for viewing. I think in the next episode they need to show how Austin gets IN the car. 🙂Looking for more MaxAmps news here on BigSquid? CLICK HERE.


Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert MaxAmps

Stainless Steel Battery Tray Insert From MaxAmps

An 8th scale buggy (or truggy) can pull some serious g-forces while bashing. Casing jumps, lawn-darting, or slamming curbs is a fairly common occurrence on the bash scene, all of which can cause damage to a battery pack. MaxAmps has introduced a new stainless steel battery tray insert designed to protect your battery during extreme use. The MaxAmps insert is [...]


MaxAmps Updated 12 Volt

Max Amps 12v Power Supply Review

THE MaxAmps 12 Volt Power Supply ReviewAs battery quality and sizes get bigger and better, chargers come out to feed the batteries. At the beginning of that food chain though is the power supply. Thew new MaxAmps 12V Power Supply was designed to feed those chargers, which in turn charger the batteries. Is the new MaxAmps 12volt capable of meeting [...]


max amps battery boss

Max Amps – Battery Boss – Episode 1

Looks like MaxAmps is jumping into the reality tv biz! Who can blame them, it’s all the rage right? This is the first episode of their new online reality tv show called Max Amps Battery Boss. Watch for a few cameo shots from our own Tim Mohr!Looking for more MaxAmps news here on BigSquid? CLICK HERE.


MaxAmps Updated 12 Volt

Updated MaxAmps 12 Volt Power Supply

MaxAmps are not only makers of fine batteries but they also have high output DC power supplies. Recently the MaxAmps crew updated their power supply line-up by adding front grills, putting on fresh wraps, and making small internal changes. The 12 volt model shown above is good for 47 amps of output and costs right at $80. For complete specs [...]


MaxAmps Dual Core 8000 mah

New Dual Core Lipo Batteries from MaxAmps

The MaxAmps battery crew out of Spokane Washington announced a new battery to their line-up today, a Dual Core 8000 mah 150C discharge Lipo. Their new battery uses 4000 mah cells that when wired in parallel are said to give the lowest possible resistance while giving outstanding voltage under load. The new Dual Cores are capable of a 5C charge [...]


MaxAmps new low resistance, internal plugs are both internal…

MaxAmps has put on their thinkin’ caps and done come up with a new way to connect yer plug to their pack. The new low resistance, internal plugs gives the lower resistance and better performance that only a single connection between your battery and speed control can offer, according to MaxAmps.  These new packs also offer a detachable balance lead [...]


max amps low voltage alarm

MaxAmps Low Voltage Alarm Review

The MaxAmps Low Voltage Alarm ReviewI’m sure all of us have ruined at least one LiPo battery pack by running it way below the cut off voltage. You are out there bashing with friends, not paying attention, and before you know it, your vehicle comes to a halt. Another situation, though not as bad.. you bring it in to the [...]


maxamps 9000xl

MaxAmps 9000mah 3-cell LiPo Pair for Traxxas XO-1

Word from MaxAmps is that if you have a Traxxas XO-1, you should think about their 9000mah 3-cell LiPo Pair. These are some BIG packs, so you’ll need to remove the lower part of the XO-1 battery tray to make these bad boys fit. Some stats on the packs: 100 C Rating, Lifetime Warranty, 5C fast charge compatable, waterproof, and 12AWG Deans [...]


max amps low voltage alarm Low Voltage Alarm

MaxAmps has sent word that they have a new LiPo product/accessory available. It’s the smallest Lipo Battery Tester and Low Voltage Alarm. Just plug it into the JST-XH style balancing tap on your LiPo battery during discharge and it will let you know when it’s time to unplug. It will also let you check the status of your pack at any [...]