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Axial Racing Teaser and Rumor

Over on the Axial Racing Facebook page, they are teasing this picture with the hastags #notabomber. Moments later the manual, showed up on line for a 1/10 scale RBX10 Ryft Rock Bouncer and our email box was filling with all sorts of rumors and links! Nothing is official yet so we will just leave the rumors at that.. rumors. As [...]


HPI Racing Europe

Rumor Mill – HPI Racing Bought By Traxxas

So rc fans… the big “rumor” today is that Traxxas has bought HPI Racing. It hasn’t been a secret that HPI America and HPI Europe have been having a tough go at it the last couple of years, so it seemed inevitable that someone would come in and scoop them up, and according to the rumors that we are hearing, [...]


Traxxas and Bigfoot 4×4 Teaming Up?

Being our resident monster truck fanatic here at Squid HQ, the first part of the year is always most exciting to me. January – March is officially “Monster Truck Season” as that’s when all the various circuits are running indoors at stadiums and arena each weekend. As such, this time of year is also when the teams debut their new paint [...]


Axial Racing Teaser – Dakar – Enduro – Motorcycle?

Earlier today, Axial Racing posted this teaser shot over on their Official Twitter Page. First off, that is not your standard scale crawler tire! Initial guess, it’s a dirt bike tire. With the hint of the SCORE decal in the background, we can start piecing the puzzle together. Axial recently also posted they were in attendance for the [...]


DJI at it again already?!

As quick as the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1  were announced and released, it looks like DJI has another multirotor up its sleeve: the (maybe) Matrix 100. Here are a few of the RUMORED features:Expansion bays: like all fun things, the ability to be modular is a must. Dual Battery Option: LOOOOOOOONGER flight time SDK (Software Development Kit): For the computer science and all other nerdy programming types (myself included), [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Happenings From the Rumor Mill

File this deep in the Rumor Mill box, but we have heard that Traxxas was recently doing some driving and filming of some down hill speed run action featuring the XO-1. Our informant mentions a group of guys in a Traxxas ‘wrapped’ Hummer (maybe) were up north of us running vehicles down some huge mountain side. When our ‘guy’ stopped [...]


X-Ray XB4 4wd buggy teaser

X-Ray XB4 1/10th Scale 4wd Buggy Teaser

X-Ray has recently released a teaser for their upcoming 10th scale 4wd electric buggy, the XB4. This will be X-Ray’s first foray into a 10th scale dirt machine, and it should present quite a challenge to other buggies in its category like the Team Associated B44.1. The new XB4 is rumored to have- shaft drive, metal gear diffs, ultra fast [...]


Kyosho MP9 King and Cody King and Kanai Edition Buggy

Cody King and Yuichi Kanai Edition Mini-Z MP9 Buggies From K…

The crew over at Kyosho have been very busy this year coming up with all sorts of new and unique products. The latest looks to be MP9 Mini-Z’s that are signature editions of 2010 IFMAR 8th Scale World Champ Cody King and 2000 IFMAR 8th Scale World Champ Yuichi Kanai. Not much is know about these new buggies, but we [...]


Robby Gordon Traxxas Speed Energy Traxxas RC Truck

Robbie Gordon’s Speed Energy Dakar Rally Traxxas RC Truck

Between racing, Speed Energy Drinks, and getting his new Stadium Super Truck series going, Robbie Gordon has been one busy guy. We first reported HERE about a very trick Speed Energy Robbie Gordon Traxxas truck, and today we have a few more pictures. We don’t have any official information from Traxxas on this one, but it looks to be a [...]


Kyosho Teaser Picture

New Teaser From Kyosho

We haven’t seen a good teaser for a while, well, not until today when Kyosho America posted this teaser picture. Is it a bird? Is it is plane? Is it Superman? Whatever it might be, it looks scale, and scale is HOT right now. We will post more information when it becomes available, until then here is the LINK to [...]


Next Kyosho Mini-z Moto rumored to be a Ducati

  Kyosho is in the rumor mill with the next Mini-z Moto to be the Team Desmosedici GP11 #46 Ducati.  The photo is representative of what we can EXPECT the bike to look like but is not a photo of the actual bike.  Until then, enjoy some more photos Kyosho released of the first Yamaha bike.



HPI Racing posted a couple photos of what may be a new car and chassis on their Facebook page earlier today.  No info was provided other than the LMP designation and a question that asked “Electric or Nitro?”  LMP, for those that don’t know, is a common abbreviation for Le Mans Prototype.  It’s a class of cars that race in [...]


xtreme rc

BREAKING Rumor: Xtreme RC Cars Magazine Done?

This is never the sort of news we like to post. Rumor has it, that Xtreme RC Cars magazine is closing up shop! While there has been no official press release or anything like that, we have heard from several sources that they are indeed done. Our hearts go out to their employee’s and families, and we hope they all [...]


New Traxxas Release

Traxxas has something new coming out on the 30th of  November 2011! And that’s it really… We don’t know any more! There have been guesses that it could be a 1/5th scale or a 1/8th scale buggy, but nobody is 100% sure. At the rumor price close to $1000 it’s not going to be a 1/16th scale! Personally we are [...]


More rumors on that Traxxas release

File this one firmly under the Rumor Mill. A friend of Big Squid RC, who happens to be in the know, just dropped by the IHobby booth and gave us this tidbit about the next Traxxas release. It could hit in the next few weeks, Traxxas is already taking dealer orders for it, and dealers are being told [...]