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Losing grip – Painting faces

Today: heads. Because heads are important, not only to people in general, but also to an RC interior. If you’re doing an interior, it’s worth spending a bit of extra time on your chosen driver’s head, because that’s what our eyes are naturally drawn to. The very first thing anyone will see, upon reflex, is your driver’s face. We all [...]


Losing grip – Checkered shirt? Check! Painting an interior

A really good thing with the SCX10III is that it comes with an interior, complete with a driver. It certainly adds a lot to the look. Especially so if the interior is nicely painted. True, it is seldom seen up close, but still I like to spend some time on it. I mean, why not? It’s a hobby after all, [...]


Losing grip – Pimp My Ride!

G’day folks, it’s time to Pimp My Ride! As you may know, ever since I released the TRX-4 Simba, I have felt a dire need to update the look of my SCX10III. I want to bring it up to the same standard as its Traxxas mate, which to me means both a new paint job and adding a bucketload of [...]


Losing grip – Painting, fading, learning

G’day mates! I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and that you got some RC stuff from Santa. I did and did not. Christmas was great, but no RC stuff for me this year, somewhat surprisingly. My wife forgot about the Vanquish VS4-10 I had on the top of my list and gave me an Exit game instead. Or [...]


Losing grip – Painter’s progress

G’day mates! The one thing that keeps me attached to this hobby of ours, toy cars, is all the many aspects of it. Last week’s column was dedicated to electronics, something I am slowly getting more and more comfortable with, today’s topic will be painting. I have now come to the point where I cannot immediately say how many lexan bodies [...]


Losing grip – Lessons learned, and not

G’day mates! Last week I had the pleasure of showing off the new body of my SCX10 III, Viper. Today we’ll have a look at lessons learned. First, an easy one: black and yellow worked well as a recipe for one eye catching color scheme that would look good both out driving, and in pictures published on this very website. [...]


Losing Grip – Hobbynox airbrush paints

I painted my very first polycarbonate body in 1992, using two pots of paint and a brush. A Kyosho Ferrari F40, state of the art. Red body, red spoiler, black windows. Back then precut window masks weren’t invented, so the method was slightly different. First, a thin (1mm) black masking tape was applied on the outside, marking windows and body [...]


Losing grip – Facetime!

After showing off Massimiliamo’s work in my last column, and still suffering nightmares from my own recent debacles, I have felt a need to redeem myself in regards to my hobby skills. No, I am not a great drifter, and yes, I am better with words than with wires, but I am enthusiastic and actually do have some skills that [...]


Bashers Basics — How to Paint A RC Body

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics. We all know that the process of painting your first RC body is always quite daunting, but don’t fear, Bashers Basics is here! In this tutorial I am going to just do a simple paint job, a solid metallic blue, which will look great on my hypothetical SLASH 4X4.    Firstly I select my [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Basic Paint Type Advice

I was recently painting my RC4WD Blazer body when I had the thought that it was time for a paint PSA. One of the most common noob questions is “Can I use spray paint on my body?”. I sometimes see experienced hobbyists (those who don’t do any body work) fall prey to this erroneous misconception as well. The answer, of course, is [...]


Duratrax RC Paint

Official – Duratrax High Quality RC Paints

Have a hot paint scheme for that new body of yours? Now there is a new brand of paint to chose from, Duratrax RC Paints. Available in a wide variety of colors and in two different sizes, the Duratrax paints are said to offer excellent coverage at a great price per-ounce. Duratrax RC Paint * 4.5 oz Spray Cans- $7.99 each * Fluorescent [...]


Spaz Stix Gold To Red

Spaz Stix Color Changing Paint

Spaz Stix has been making distinctive rc paints for years now. For those of you looking to up the bling factor on your next paint job Spaz Stix now has a new paint that changes from gold to red in color as you view it. Simply spray down the gold to red, then use 2-3 coats of their black backer. [...]


Pro-Line 50’s Chevy Body – Sharpies and Rattle Cans???

Brian handed me a Pro-Line Early 50’s body and basically said ‘wow me’. Had to do something different with this one so here goes…. I wanted something that was easy enough that anyone could do it with some basic household items and a little imagination. The only paints used are common rattle can paints available at any local hardware [...]


hydro dip paint

CPC Powdercoating Hydrodipped Body

Alright so a few months ago I was talking to Dave over at CPC PowderCoating and he told me about a new way to put designs and patterns onto objects, I instantly thought of a lexan body and within a couple of days I had one ready to be dipped. Before I tell you about how it turned out first let me tell [...]