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Pro-Line Scale Drag Racing Hood Scoops & Blowers

Monster Truck Madness / Laying Rubber – Bang the Blower

Big shout out to fellow Squid Jeremy, our in-house scale expert, for building a beautiful BIGFOOT #8 replica complete with a scale driver. Check out his column on it! So for this week it’s gonna be my first (and probably not the last) dual column where I’m going to combine Monster Truck Madness and Laying Rubber into one. I didn’t know [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Turn Back the Clock Tuesday

This past weekend I was rummaging around in my basement, checking out some old boxes of Hot Wheels that I snagged from my parents house (yes, I used to collect HW Treasure Hunt cars) when I came across an old Pro-Line Racing flyer-catalog from 2002. This was like being stuck with a nostalgia-filled syringe. It immediately brought me back to high school [...]


Elite Light Weight Clear Body for TLR 22 4.0 From Proline

Looking to step up your game with the TLR 22 4.0? Look no further than the Elite Light Weight Clear Body from Proline. Save some weight, and race in style with this brand new body with a low slung design and sweeping lines that are sure to turn some heads! Buy it at This Link. See more Losi news at This Link.


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Lie in the Utility Bed That You Made

A long period of relative quiet has given way to a deluge of releases by Pro-Line. The coolest thing? It’s that sweet, sweet utility bed. (note, I’ll discuss the monster truck stuff in an upcoming Monster Truck Madness). I’m pretty numb to factory promo shots, having seen a million of them, but damn if that chase-style Ford sporting the new bed isn’t [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Dodongo Dislikes Smoke

Happy Zelda launch day to all my fellow gaming nerds! I’m actually writing this post from my Nintendo Switch….ok, that’s a lie. The Nintendo Switch has no internet browser currently. Hey, I did plan on it at least! Get with it, Nintendo. Anyways, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a scatter-shots type look at recent scaling news, and lately there has [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – A Little Baby Leafer, Isn’t It Cute?!

The biggest news that dropped this week was the announcement of the Pro-Line Ambush, a new 1:25 scale RTR crawler. Let’s ignore that Pro-Line is making their own scaler for a minute (that is big news in and of itself) and instead look at the fact that it has a leaf spring suspension. It’s a LEAFER, hell yes! I’ll raise a drink [...]


Review - Pro-Line 2.2" BFGoodrich KR2 Tires & Denali Bead-lo…

Pro-Line’s latest scale tire is a replica of one of the most popular 1:1 pieces of off-road rubber on the market today, the BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2. It’s available in both 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes, but we had an Axial Bomber laying around the office in need of shoes so we went with 2.2″ for this review. Does the mini version [...]


Review – Pro-Line Brawler Monster Truck Wheels

Not since Tamiya was duking it out with Kyosho during the late 80’s/early 90’s have solid axle monster trucks ever been as popular as they are now. Slowly but surely the aftermarket has started to come around and unlike years past, it’s now relatively easy for the average hobbyist to get one together. However, for the longest time a good wheel has [...]


Review – Pro-Line Destroyer Clodbuster Tires

When it comes to r/c tires, Pro-Line Racing has long been an industry leader. Whether you are a basher or racer they’ve always had the goods. That being said, it’s been many moons since they offered anything for the scale monster truck crowd. That changed a few weeks ago with the announcement of the Pro-Line Destroyer (part # 10114-02 street priced [...]


Big Squid RC 2014 Bash Vehicle of the YEAR!

A HUGE Congratulations to PRO-LINE Racing crew as we have picked the PRO-LINE PRO-MT as the 2014 BASH VEHICLE OF THE YEAR! We did more vehicle reviews in 2014 than ever before, and there were a handful of standouts that we narrowed down as possible winners. This decision was a tough one because this is the first vehicle to win [...]


Pro-Line Phantom Clear Body Yokomo B-Max 2

Pro-Line Phantom Clear Body for the Yokomo B-Max 2

Looking for a trick body for your Yokomo B-Max 2? To the rescue comes Pro-Line with a brand new Phantom Series shell to make your Yok the best looking one on the track. And Phantom bodies aren’t just about giving your buggy the latest new look, they are about performance, yielding more steering and high speed stability when used with [...]


Pro-Line Extended Front Rear Body Mounts Stampede 4x4

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for the Traxxas Stampede 4×4

f you were to walk around the pit area here at BigSquidRC you would see that we pretty much mount up any type of body to any type of vehicle. You will find we touring car bodies on monster trucks, and monster truck bodies on touring cars. And we aren’t alone, many bashers like putting all sorts of crazy bodies [...]


Pro-Line Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8 Tires

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 3.8″ Tires

Pro-Line Interco Super Swamper tires are a great combination of traction and scale looks. Today the P-L crew has announced they will have Pre-Mounted sets of their 3.8″ sized tires available for your bashing pleasure. The pre-mounting makes them amazingly easy to put on your truck, and once installed, you can look forward to high levels of side-bite and forward [...]


Pro-Line Prime Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Prime Slick Buggy Tires

The new Prime slick tires from Pro-Line Racing can be good for the track or for bashing. At high-bite tracks they can save the time it takes to prepare/grind down a normal set of tires, while for bashing they can give you great traction with very little wear when driving on pavement or other hard surfaces. The Primes come with [...]


Pro-Line Big Give 2014

Pro-Line’s 12 Days of Christmas BIG GIVE is Under Way

Pro-Line is known for several things- sharp bodies, great tires, winning championships, doing a lot of charitable work, and generally just going huge when they do something. On the charity side of things, Pro-Line has started their annual BIG GIVE event. This runs through Thursday December 18th and gives you a chance to not only win some very trick Pro-Line [...]