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PROTOform 1967 Dodge Dart VTA Body

PROTOform 1967 Dodge Dart VTA Body

Tear up the track with an old-school classic. PROTOform has released a new VTA (Vintage Trans-Am) body in the form of a 1967 Dodge Dart. This new body features the classic lines of the original, scaled down to 1/10 size. Designed to fit 190mm touring cars, this body is made from durable Lexan polycarbonate and includes a bolt-on rear spoiler for [...]


PROTOform Dodge Dart Body

PROTOform Dodge Dart Clear Touring Car Body

PROTOform has teamed up with Dodge yet again to come up with their most advanced touring car body ever, the Dodge Dart. The latest offering from PROTOform is officially licensed by Dodge and brings the aggressive look of the Dart to the touring car crowd. Designed for a neutral feel with ample steering and a planted rear end, the Dart [...]


PROTOform Touring Car Body

Teaser – New Touring Car Race Body from PROTOform

Speaking of a 10 Year Anniversary, the IIC is having theirs out in Vegas this weekend. As with most “big races”, lots of new gear gets shown off. Of particular interest to touring car drivers is a new PROTOform body being raced by Juho Levanen. No details have been released, but if it’s PROTOform its likely to be setting the [...]


PROTOform Gen3-C

New Products from PROTOform

For all you on-road fanatics, PROTOform has announced some new goodies. First up is their new Gen3-C Clear Body. The Gen3-C features the distinct look of a NASCAR Nationwide Series car and was designed for maximum performance on the track. Featuring an add-on spoiler, double step splitter, and bumped out area for battery clearance, the PROTOform Gen3-C has all the [...]


PROTOform F1 Bodies

Full Info – New F1 Bodies from PROTOform

The teasing is officially over and our friends over at PROTOform have released full information on their new Formula 1 bodies. With most of the BSRC staff being big F1 fans, we have been eagerly waiting their release. The F1-Thirteen is molded to the 2013 specifications, while the F1-Fourteen is made to look like the current generation of Formula 1 cars. [...]


PROTOform Formula 1

Sneak Peak – PROTOform Formula 1 Bodies

PROTOform has long been known for making some of the best bodies available for on-road cars, now they are teasing some new F1 bodies. If these are anything like their other products, they are sure to be the best available in both looks and performance. Unfortunately all we get for now is a teaser picture, but expect full details soon! Click [...]


PROTOform Car Stand

PROTOform Satin Black Car Stand

Need a new car stand for your touring car or 12th scale pan car? The fine folks over at PROTOform have announced their latest and it looks pretty trick. Made from a tough alloy and power coated black, it makes your car easier to wrench on while making your pit spot look sano. Four rubber grommets are used to keep [...]


PROTOform PFM-12 Body

PROTOform VRS-N and PFM-12 Clear Bodies

The PROTOform crew has announced two new bodies, the VRS-N, and the PFM-12. The 200mm VRS-N pictured above is made for 1/10th scale nitro touring cars. The VRS-N incorporates an air management system inspired by full-scale touring cars. It has a low profile in the front and uses strategically placed airflow conditioners for the ultimate in aero efficiency. It has a [...]


PROTOform Apparel

New PROTOform Apparel

The crew over at PROTOform have announced new apparel so you can show your love for the hobby while out pulling trigger. The new apparel includes a Heritage t-shirt, an Aero Matters t-shirt, and a Champions zip-up hoodie for those colder days. The apparel is available in all the popular sizes with prices ranging from $16 to $53. Hit up [...]


PROTOform anti-tuck body stiffeners

PROTOform Anti-Tuck Body Stiffeners

If you’ve done any touring car driving, you have probably experienced body tuck. If you haven’t, body tuck is when one of your buddies hits the rear of your car causing the body to get sucked into the wheel. Body tuck makes your car extremely hard to drive and can definitely ruin a good run out on the track. PROTOform has [...]


PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit

PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit

Figuring out where to drill the mounting holes on your freshly painted touring car body can be a real hassle so PROTOform has a new kit that should make it a whole lot easier. PROTOform’s new Crosshair Body Mounting Kit uses magnets to help you perfectly align and mark the holes before you drill. * Uses high powered magnets for [...]


PROTOform G6-T Light Weight Clear Body

PROTOform G6-T Lightweight Clear Oval Body

PROTOform’s latest body is a lightweight version of their G6-T oval body. It is molded from lightweight .025″ genuine Lexan and is designed to give ultra-high downforce. In the picture above the G6-T sports a slick “Breaking Bad” paint job, but comes in clear so you can put your personal paint scheme on it. * Comes with spoiler mounting [...]


PROTOform MAZDA6 GX Clear Body

PROTOform Mazda6 GX Clear Touring Car Body

When it comes to making world class racing bodies for touring cars, PROTOform is the king of the hill. Their latest body, the Mazda6 GX, is sure to win as many races as it will turn heads with its cool look. The PROTOform Mazda6 GX is a 190mm clear Lexan body designed to fit on touring cars. It comes with details [...]


PROTOform Cyclone 10.0 Clear Body

PROTOform Cyclone 10.0 Clear Oval Body

The crew over at PROTOform have announced their latest oval body, the Cyclone 10.0. The Cyclone is a full 10″ wide resulting in a body good for rubber tire, loose dirt track, 4wd, and Nitro Late Model driving. For aerodynamic performance, the Cyclone features offset front fenders and skewed quarter panels on the rooftop vortex generators. The Cyclone is all [...]


PROTOform Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

PROTOform 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Clear Body

PROTOform has just announced their latest body, a 1971 Pontiac Trans Am. Once again the PROTOform crew has knocked one out of the park, the Trans Am looks awesome and it should perform quite well on your VTA racer or cul-de-sac speed machine. With scale realism all the rage, PROTOform put lots of scale detailing into the Trans Am, examples of [...]