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RC-Lights wants you to bust some punks

Have you ever wanted to play traffic cop or pace car at your local track?  Maybe bust some punks for reckless driving or speeding through the pits.  Well RC-Lights has a new kit that will allow you to play out your punk busting fantasies.  Their new 911STROBE Kit and controller allows you to add up to 14 LEDs, in five [...]

Read More... TURNBRAKE 14 LED Controller

New from our buddies at comes the TURNBRAKE 14 LED Controller. This new controller can do it all. It drives 14 lights, with dual intensity brake lights, left and right turn signals, two fog, 4 constant or flashing head lights, and 4 adjustable rate turn signals. I really dig the flashing and adjustable options in [...]

Read More... microBRAKE 6 LED Controller

New from our friends at comes the microBRAKE 6 LED Controller. With this controller, LED’s can be directly powered from the throttle with the included RX Pass-Thru. Dual intensity brake light action is built right in. (We liked this feature a lot!). The LED’s are split into two banks, 4 on, and 2 switched to [...]


No Fair, You Can See Me!

While working on some final testing for our Charger Shootout, it was evening here at the Big Squid RC headquarters, and as always.. there was bashing on the brain! While watching a LiPo discharge (similar to boiling water) I suddenly heard the buzz of a electric motor zooming outside the shop. I grabbed a radio, a Slash, [...]


RC-Lights Website Gets Brighter!

Just got word that has been revamped. We did a review of one of their light sets not to long ago, and they have some really cool kits! Check out the all new Website if you are looking to add a little lighting to your ride!


RPM – Narrow Roof Mounted Light Bar

I have been seeing more and more light sets show up at bashes and at the track, and it looks like RPM is riding that wave. They now have a Narrow Roof-Mounted Light Bar. They had a pretty cool 6 canister light bar previously, but it didn’t fit all vehicles. Their new narrow version [...]