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RPM Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips

RPM RC Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips

RPM RC has come up with mock exhaust tips to give your rc vehicle even more scale realism. Modeled after a full sized 3″ exhaust cut at a 45° angle, the RPM tips are easy to mount and weigh less than 2 grams. The tips come in pairs, one for each side of your vehicle, and come in two different [...]


RPM Mega Bearing Blaster

RPM RC Mega Bearing Blaster

RPM RC has announced a new, larger sized, bearing blaster. The new unit is called the Mega Bearing Blaster and can handle bearings up to 1.25″ in diameter. That means it can handle the bearings from your 1/5th scale, or even your rollerblade or skateboard. The Mega Bearing Blaster is easy to use and has a part number of #70420. Street [...]


RPM ESC Cage Traxxas VXL-3S

RPM ESC Cage for Traxxas VXL-3S

Ever broken off the mounting tabs on your Traxxas VXL-3S speed controller? Yes, we have too. Thankfully the folks over at RPM RC are good at solving such problems. RPM has created a new ESC Cage to make sure you esc stays firmly in place, even if you have an older one with the tabs broken off already. Made from [...]


RPM Green Tie Rod Ends Traxxas

RPM Green Traxxas Tie Rod Ends

RPM RC has added a new color option to their lineup of Traxxas rod ends, green. The green rod ends will go great with your Grave Digger, Monster Energy, or Kawasaki themed truck. Or, you might be like Brian and simply like the color green. The part number for the short green rod ends is #80474, while the part [...]


RPM Wide Front Bumper Associated B44

RPM Wide Front Bumper for Associated B44

The Associated B44 series of buggies are very fast and a blast to drive. However, they are not very well protected up front. The guys over at RPM have made a Wide Front Bumper to help your B44 take a big front hit. Made out of world famous RPM plastic, their B44 bumper is 5″ wide to offer lots of [...]


RPM Front Arms Associated B44

RPM Front A-Arms for Associated B44 Buggy

When you tag a pipe with a tenth scale 4wd buggy, it is usually at a pretty fast pace, so the beefier your front end the better. Now all you Associated B44/B44.1/B44.2 owners can enjoy the peace of mind that ultra tough RPM A-Arms will bring. Many B44s are used for competition, so while RPM wanted to increase durability, they also [...]


RPM Traxxas Summit A-arms

RPM A-Arms for Traxxas Summit

All you Traxxas Summit owners can now rejoice, RPM now has Front A-Arms for your beast. Previously only the right arm from the RPM Revo set would fit properly, now RPM has made a new left arm to really help beef up your Summit. The left front Summit arms become available early next month and are priced at $15. The part [...]


RPM VTS Associated Gear Cover

RPM Gear Cover for VTS Equipped SC10, SC10B, B4 & T4

The VTS slipper clutch on certain Associated models is slightly taller than the previous unit, to accommodate the additional height RPM has new gear covers. Made from high quality plastic, the RPM gear covers provide plenty of clearance for the VTS slipper while maintaining their original low profile. The part numbers are #70262 for black, #70265 for blue, and [...]


RPM Front Shock Tower Associated SC10B, SC10.2 & T4.2FT

RPM Front Shock Tower for Associated SC10B, SC10.2 & T4.2FT

RPM has a new Front Shock Tower for your Associated SC10.2/SC10B/T4.2 FT that is designed for serious abuse. Not only is it made out of RPM’s famous plastic, but is beefed up in all the right spots to be able to survive a hard days bashing. To top it off, the tower is made right here in the USA and [...]


RPM Arms Associated SC10B, SC10.2 & T4.2FT

RPM Arms for Associated SC10B, SC10.2 & T4.2FT

Stock Associated a-arms have been known to break from time to time, for those of you tired of breaking yours RPM RC Products have announced upgrade arms for your SC10B, SC10.2 and T4.2FT. The new arms from RPM are molded in their legendary plastic, have less slop, and have revised hinge pin retainers to make them tough as nails. [...]


rpm pick your prize

Contest – RPM “Pick Your Prize”

We are big fans of RPM RC upgrade parts, you probably are too if you bash your truck hard. RPM has recently put up a Facebook page and to promote it they are having a contest. To enter you have to go to RPM’s Facebook page, then “Like” and post a comment. It is very simple to enter and the [...]


RPM Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front Bulkhead

RPM Slash/Rally 4×4 LCG Front Bulkhead

If you bash your Traxxas 4×4 Slash or Rally hard, undoubtedly you already have some RPM upgrade parts on it. The latest product from RPM for the 4×4 Slash & Rally is a Front Bulkhead. Like everything RPM puts out, their replacement part in improved in multiple ways over the stocker. The RPM bulkhead is molded from legendary RPM plastic to [...]


RPM A-arms Associated Pro-lite 4x4

RPM Associated ProLite 4x4 & Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk/Tomah…

If you’ve got an Associated ProLite 4×4 or Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk/Tomahawk you will probably be interested in the latest front a-arms from our friends over at RPM. The new a-arms are designed to add strength and durability, letting you bash more and wrench less. Not only are the RPM arms more durable, but they are also manufactured to tighter tolerances, [...]


RPM A-Arms Associated B4

RPM Front A-Arms & Bulkhead for Associated B4 Series Buggies

If I only had a dollar for every Associated B4 front a-arm I’ve broken I would be a hundredaire by now. And seemingly I would always break the left one. I had a whole pit bag full of rights but not one lefty to get my buggy back on track for the second qualifier. But seriously, like many people we’ve [...]


RPM Products Front Bumper Skid Plate Team Durango DESC410R

RPM Front Bumper Skip Plate for Team Durango DESC410 Series

The crew over at RPM RC Products have set their sights on a new vehicle to upgrade, the Team Durango DESC410 series of trucks. The first product they’ve worked up for the very popular Durango 4wd SCT is a Front Bumper/Skid Plate. To start off with, RPM made their bumper wider than stock to protect more front end parts [...]