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The Beginning of the End for Trinity? (Rumor)

Is this the beginning of the end for Trinity? The Team Trinity website is showing a ‘moving sale’, but most people are saying it’s probably a Going out of Business Sale. If you haven’t been into RC for a while, you probably never heard of Team Trinity. Years ago they used to make some vehicles that were [...]


Breakings News: HPI buys out Team Associated and Team Losi!

I am still waiting for confirmation on this, but as of right now, it sounds like HPI has bought outright Team Associated and Team Losi! Team Associated is happy because it might put them back in the news, it’s been quiet from them. Team Losi is excited because they see it as an opportunity to sell 18 more versions of [...]


New Vehicles: CEN Matrix Baja! CEN RC Monster Truck!

So I made a few phone calls to our spys in the trenches and came up with these. I have been told that these are still in testing, and both vehicles may change before we see them for sale. This first vehicle is being called the CEN Baja Matrix STX. It’s a cool new trophy truck [...]


Rumor Mill: ROAR to legalize Li-Po’s very soon!

Just wanted to post a rumor I have been hearing that the ROAR organization is just a few days away from legalizing Li-Po’s in their races with the requirement that the packs be sealed in some sort of hard case. So for all you die-hard racing nuts, it looks like you might finally get to experience what [...]