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Schumacher Cab Forward Body for Cougar SV2

New Cougar SV2 Cab Forward Body From Schumacher

The jolly chaps over at Schumacher announced today a brand new cab forward body for their Cougar SV2 2wd electric buggy. The cab forward design increases steering and the body comes pre-cut with over-spray protection, window masks, and a trick looking Schumacher sticker sheet. Expect a street price of around $25, and look for them through the regular Schumacher outlets [...]


Core RC Calipers

New Core RC Tools At Schumacher

The guys over at Schumacher have announced a bunch of new tools from CORE RC. One of these tools are these 4″ plastic LCD calipers that sell for about £12. Many other different types of tools are available, hit up THIS link to view them all. Schumacher also announced today they have opened up a new area on their website devoted [...]


Cougar SVR

New Schumacher Cougar SVR 2wd Buggy

Hot news out of the UK today is the announcement of Schumacher’s new Cougar SVR 2wd buggy. While Schumacher isn’t as big in the states as they used to be, they are still quite dominant in Europe, and they continue to put out high quality products. The new Cougar SVR was specifically designed for low bite dirt surfaces. It includes an [...]


pro-line bulldog body

Pro-Line Bodies for Schumacher Vehicles

Pro-Line just announced two new bodies for Schumacher vehicles. The 2012 Bulldog for the Schumacher Cougar SV2 Pro, and the 2012 Bulldog for the Schumacher Cat SX3. The Bulldog bodies have been known for their aerodynamics as they guide the vehicles through the air and while on the ground. If your looking for a modern new body for [...]


schumacher thunder power

Schumacher Racing to Distribute Thunder Power RC

We just got word that Schumacher Racing will be the Thunder Power RC distributor for the UK, Spain and Portugal. This should help a lot of people get their hands on the Thunder Power line a little easier. It’s good to see both companies spreading out a little. Head over to the Schumacher Racing or Thunder Power website for details [...]


schumacher cougar

Schumacher Booth at Nuremberg

Stopping by the Schumacher booth at the Nuremberg Toy Fair we were able to meet us with a good friend of Big Squid, Mr. Robin Schumacher. We have known Robin for a few years now, and it’s always good talking with him. He showed us the new Cougar SV2, check out that top deck! Also the new onroad Mi4 CXL. [...]


Schumacher Mi4CXL

Even more advanced that its predecessor, Schumacher’s Mi4CXL aims to be race winning and class leading. Durability has been improved over the Mi3 by using a tough Nickel-Teflon played shock bodies, an ultra lightweight front diff, and enlarged drive pins all around. A new sway-bar system keeps the “Soft Weave” carbon fibre chassis level, and many new 7075 aluminium parts [...]


New Schumacher Racing Releases

Schumacher gave word of two new Anderson High Voltage Brushless servos today. The AN530400HV  – Metal gears, brushless, and a lightning fast speed of just 0.06 seconds @ 7.4v for 60 degrees of rotation and 194oz or torque means that this servo is ideal for 1/10 sized cars whereas the AN530400HV is more suited to larger applications. You get a massive 305oz of torque at [...]


New Schumacher Short Course tires!

Schumacher have decided to dive into the Short Course scene with two types of tires: Mini Pin-SC’s and Mini SpikeSC’s.      These Mini Spikes are a less aggressive general purpose tire, which Schumacher reccomend for Grass, Astroturf, Carpet and general use.                Mini Pins are aggressive high-traction tires, for astro carpet and other surfaces with a lot of grip. Schumacher suggest trimming the front tires to reduce [...]


New Schumacher Graupner/GM Brushless Servos

The peeps over at Schumacher have had all kinds of new stuff rolling out over the past two weeks. Their latest release are some new Graupner/GM High-Voltage Brushless Servos! HBS for short, these servos combine the peformance you get from a brushless motor with lots of power to really kick some tail. These servos can actually be [...]


Schumacher Cougar SV Dirt Spec Conversion Kit

If you’re got a Schumacher Cougar SV and want to really up the performance on dirt, check out the SV Dirt Spec Conversion Kit from Schumacher. This new kit moves more weight to rear of the car by lengthening the chassis and adding a brass plate under the gear box. The kit is also setup to accept a [...]


Mi4CX now even more tunable

Schumacher has decided that their super sedan, the Mi4CX, just wasn’t tunable enough.  To rectify that situation, they’ve created a couple new chassis to offer up that missing bit of tunability.  The new soft weave carbon fiber chassis has been under development for several months and has been tested in many big races to make sure it’s up to par.  [...]


Nuremberg Schumacher news

Schumacher’s big news at the show was their prototype 1/10 scale 4wd buggy, the CAT SX3.  The all new mid-motor layout and LiPo saddle pack configuration is said to offer great weight balance and much more agility.  The inline motor and wheel rotation also aid in creating better jumping characteristics.  It will be offered in two verions, the C/F Pro [...]


Schumacher wants to add some length to your Cougar (girth wi…

For you Cougar SV owners in the audience Schumacher has a couple new pieces to make your buggy a bit more competitive.  Their new Chassis +8mm is exactly what it sounds like: a chassis with 8mm of length added to it.  The additional length changes the weight balance of the Cougar, shifting more weight to the rear of the buggy.  [...]


Schumacher Becomes UK NOVAROSSI Distributor

News from Schumacher Racing is that they are now the official distributor of NOVAROSSI engines in the UK. So if your looking for a power plant, and you are in the UK, you know where to go. Head over to the Schumacher Racing site for more details.