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Spektrum DX6 Rugged Video

Video – Spektrum DX6 Rugged

The good folks over at Spektrum have released a promotional video for their DX6 Rugged. The Rugged series of radios from Spektrum were designed for serious adventure driving. Built with the extra durability needed when hardcore off-roading, the DX6 Rugged is the perfect upgrade for your scale crawler. Watch the video below to learn about some of the highlights of [...]


Spektrum RC DX6 Rugged Transmitter

Spektrum Announces the DX6 Rugged

New from Spektrum is the DX6 Rugged Transmitter. As the original DX5 Rugged is one of our all time favorite bashing radios, we are stoked to see the new Rugged version of the DX6. Now will 6 channels of operation, and all the goodness of its “rugged” design, the new DX6 Rugged is more than ready for hardcore crawling or [...]


Spektrum RC Smart Powerstage Charger Batteries Surface Bundles

Spektrum Announces 4 New Smart Powerstage Surface Bundles

Coming soon from Spektrum are 4 New Smart Powerstage Surface Bundles. The Smart Powerstage Bundles are a convenient way to get a high quality charger and batteries for your vehicle. Here are the details- Smart Powerstage 8S Surface Bundle: (2) G2 5000mAh 4S LiPo IC5 & S2100 Charger * Delivers 2 x 100 watts of charging power * Charges & balances Smart G2 [...]


Spektrum DX6C Transmitter SR315 Receiver

Spektrum DX6C 6-Channel Transmitter with SR315 Receiver

Coming soon from Spektrum is the DX6C 6-Channel Transmitter with SR315 Receiver. The DX6C comes with 6-channels of operation, making it a great choice for crawling or custom builds. Check out these highlights- * Six fully proportional channels * User-friendly steering and throttle mixes * Backlit LCD screen for better visibility * USB for firmware updates and VRC compatibility * Spektrum Smart Technology ready * Program [...]


Spektrum Firma Smart Dual Protocol 2-in-1 ESC Receiver

Spektrum Announces A Pair Of Firma Smart Dual Protocol 2-in-…

New from Spektrum is a pair of Firma Smart Dual Protocol 2-in-1 ESC and Receivers. These handy 2-in-1 units can be used to save space in tight builds and they offer the latest in Spektrum’s Smart technology. Here are the highlights- * Available as a 40 amp or 60 amp model * Designed for brushed motors * Dual protocol – SLT and DSMR [...]


Spektrum RC S6510 5th Scale High Torque Servo

Spektrum S6510 1/5 High Torque Servo

Now shipping from Spektrum is the S6510 1/5 High Torque Servo. The S6510 was designed to be a replacement servo for rigs like the 1/6 SCX6, 1/5 Kraton, and 1/6 Super Baja Rey. Check out these highlights- * Designed for racing, bashing, or crawling * Engineered with the finest components and the latest servo technology * High Torque – 820oz-in @ 8.4V * Ideal [...]


From the Future: Unboxing the Spektrum AR7210BX Flybarless

Hey guys, this past weekend I had a blast at the IRCHA Jamboree 2015 (Coverage post in the works), but what is funny is a contest Horizon Hobby was running giving away the Spektrum AR7210BX flybarless unit and receiver featuring the new SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) before its October release. It’s only funny since of the 6 available, I received one of them [...]


Spektrum DX4S Review

Review – Spektrum DX4S 4-Channel DSMR AVC Radio System

THE Spektrum DX4S 4-Channel DSMR AVC Radio System ReviewWhat’s the real scoop on Spektrum’s new AVC (Active Vehicle Control) system? Does it work? Can it truly make your car easier to drive? Is it just another marketing gimmick? Has range improved with the newer Spektrum products? We’ve been driving, testing, and beating on a Spektrum DX4S for weeks now and [...]


Get Flying with the new Spektrum DX6!

More and more news makes its way to our front page as we continue to post more from the flurry of announcements out of Horizon Hobby from Nuremberg! Spektrum has updated its aircraft radio with the new Airwave powered DX6. Taking a page out of the new DX9, the DX6 has almost unlimited model memory (I doubt anyone will fill the 250 [...]


Spektrum 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servo

2 New 1/5 Scale Digital Surface Servos from Spektrum

The Spektrum crew has been showing off a couple of new 5th scale servos at the Nurnberg Toy Fair. Both servos were designed to fix several problems that 5th scale drivers have like servo fade, low holding power, and crowbar effect. Using patent-pending Back EMF technology designed by Paul Beard, the new Spektrum 5th scale servos are designed not to [...]


Spektrum SR2000 DSMR Micro Race Receiver

Spektrum SR2000 DSMR Micro Race Receiver

Do you have an install that requires an extra small receiver? If so the people at Spektrum have just announced their smallest receiver yet, the SR2000. The SR2000 is extra small to squeeze in those tight spots and it boasts high performance. Some of its features and specifications include- * Ultra fast 5.5ms frame rate * Built in antenna tube holder * DSMR [...]


Spektrum DX4R Pro 4-Channel Radio

Spektrum DX4R Pro 4-Channel DSMR Radio

The crew over at Spektrum have just announced their new DX4R Pro transmitter. Its 4 channels can come in mighty handy in a scaler or crawler install, and it has the same response speed as the DX3R Pro. Also, thanks to the DX4R Pro’s frequency-agile DSMR technology, you can expect better range and more signal security. Some of the primary [...]