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Tekin Hotwire app

Team Tekin Hotwire App for Android Devices

Ever wish there was an easier way to dial in your speed controller while out bashing? Now there is with Tekin’s Hotwire Android App. The Hotwire App makes it easy to use your Android phone (or tablet) to make adjustments to your Tekin Gen 2 speed controller out in the field. * Android OS 3.1 to 4.1.2 * Works on Tekin Rx8 [...]


tekin rsx speed controller

Tekin RSX Professional Sensored Brushless ESC

The latest from our friends over at Tekin is their RSX Professional Sensored ESC. The RSX will be replacing the older RS Pro and is designed to be one of the best 10th scale speed controllers that money can buy. On 2S Lipo the RSX is rated down to a 2.5T motor, while on 3S it is rated to 8.5T. [...]


RCX 2012 – Tekin has a new motor

We got the whole gang at the Tekin booth together for a tender family photo. And then we set about grilling them about anything new they’ve got coming. Well, they do have a new brushless motor, dubbed the Pro-2, which is ideally suited to 2wd vehicles. But you should also check out this RX8 ESC in a white case. We [...]


iHobby 2011 Booth Tour – Tekin

As part of our coverage on iHobby 2011, we are going to try and bring the show to you, by posting up info on some of exhibitors here. If you can’t make it, you can at least see what you’re missing! Tekin’s got their previously announced Pro4 motor on display here at IHobby, plus you can check out their extensive [...]


Tekin Pro4 4×4 Short Course Brushless Motors

Need some crazy new power for your 4×4 SCT? Tekin may have what you’re looking for with their new Pro4 4×4 Short Course Brushless Motors. They’ve been designed specifically with 2S and 3S lipo power systems in mind, and feature a 4 pole 12 slot motor design, CNC machined heatsink motor can, and a dual plug sensor wire [...]


Sneak Peek of Tekin’s next motor

Tekin is showing a sneak peek of the next motor in their Redline … er… line of sensored brushless motors.  Not much in the way of details is given other than it’s going to be called the Pro4 and it’s designed for 4×4 short course trucks.  They also say it’ll be out in the summer of this year. There’s a trailer [...]


Lutz to Run Team Tekin Electronics

While we don’t cover race news or results, we do sometimes mention where the big name drivers are getting their pay checks from now and then. Team Tekin just announced that Ryan Lutz will be using a full setup of Tekin Electronics in his Durango vehicle. Head over to the Team Tekin Website for info.


Axial XR10 – Starting the Build

Recently we mentioned that we got our hands on a XR10 kit from Axial. Bill and I recently started the build, and I thought I’d share a few pics from the work shop. We are going to be using the Team Tekin FX-R Rock Crawling System with two 45T motors and the [...]


Tekin Europe Created!

Looks like Team Tekin is expanding big time. They just announced that they have partnered with to handle their distribution, sales and customer service to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. If looks like with the expansion they are looking for help, so if you live in any of these countries check out the or websites for more [...]


Tekin SC4X

New from Team Tekin comes the SC4X sensored motor, designed for pro 10th scale 4wd short course vehicles. The longer rotor helps keep the temperatures down while providing the extra torque you need for 4wd. Available in 4.5 and 5.5 turn. Head over to the Team Tekin Website for info.


Team Tekin RS Pro and Redline Brushless Review

Wow, what a great system! We got our hands on the new Team Tekin RS Pro / Redline Brushless system, and it hauls! If you are in the market for a new system, you are going to want to head over to the RC Reviews section or click here to read the full Team Tekin RS Pro Redline Brushless [...]


Team Tekin RX8 – 1:8 Scale Brushless ESC

Looks like Team Tekin has tossed their hat into the ring of the 1/8th scale brushless craze! This is their new RX8 Brushless ESC. Like most Tekin stuff, it’s tiny with a lot of options. Look for this ESC to hit the shelves in February.


Breaking News – ‘Scooter’ Leaves Team Tekin.

Wow. I just got a letter from from Scooter telling me he has left Team Tekin! Scooter has been the face of Tekin for years now, and it’s always great to talk with him at the iHobby shows. If you ever get the chance to meet him in person you will see he is one of the most [...]


Cub-Meista Report 06.08.08

Do what you are good at, leave the other crap ALONE. Does Ferrari make motorcycles? Does Krispy Kreme sell pizza? This week two speedo companies made announcements showing just how far they will sink to try and make a buck. First off is LRP, with news of their totally non-awaited S8 TX nitro truggy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist [...]


iHobby Expo Invasion Video – Team Tekin

This video was with everyone’s favorite RC tech guy, ‘Scooter’ from Team Tekin! This one had a pretty funny blooper, as another company at the show kept running some electric turbine jet thing at full throttle every few minutes. It was loud and annoying, and had good timing. 🙂 Enjoy.High Res version here: Big Squid RC iHobby 07 – [...]