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Traxxas Slash Gets Hardcore!

The Traxxas Slash has made a huge impact on our hobby. Even though it may look scale on the outside, the internals of the chassis hardly resemble the full size CORR trucks it takes after. RC4WD and a member of the scale RC community, Katan, are collaborating to change all that. Their creation is the Hardcore [...]


The Slash Report #6 – Turning Better!

As to date I’ve helped mostly the bashers get their Slashes a little faster and stronger. This report is about making the Traxxas Slash carve those corners a little faster and tighter. The Slash is based off of the Stampede and Rustler suspension design. Which is very strong and great for the basher, but really just sucks for [...]


The Slash Report #5 – Going Faster!

Well we’ve gone over what to beef up your Slashes to make them a little stronger for racing and of course BASHING. Now its time to get straight to it. How do we make them faster? In this report I’ll go over a few cheap race legal speed tips. The motor is the first place that you need to [...]


The Slash Report 4 – Goin’ Racing!

The big draw to the Traxxas Slash is the racing. Where else can we all race a CORR Pro2 trucks fender-to-fender for about $300 (truck $200, batteries & charger $100)? Its good clean fun as long as you don’t take the class too seriously. One of the reasons that I say this is because it [...]


The Slash Report – 3 Make It Tough

Last week I cover the weak links of the Traxxas Slash. All though few; the Slash has them. Last week I talked only about the shocks, because it’s the one thing that needs to be fixed right out of the box. They will pop off just tooling around the drive way. All of the items that I [...]


The Slash Report – Shocks Part 1

The Slash is for the most part an over built truck. It’s based off of the Rustler and Stampede trucks so parts are usually easy to get a hold of. There are a few areas that could use a little bit of tweaking though. The main weak spots to look at are the shock caps, rear axle [...]


The Slash Report – Intro

The Traxxas Slash is by far the biggest hit in the RC industry right now. Companies, tracks, racing organizations, and the media are all scrambling to get parts, hop-ups, classes, and articles out as fast as possible involving the Slash and its nitro brother the Slayer. (Can’t leave him out…. 😉 The Slash is nothing really that [...]


Welcome Our Newest Writer and Pro Driver – Jason Annis!

I would like to welcome our latest addition to the Big Squid RC Family, Mr. Jason Annis! Jason has been a pro-driver for a few years now with a bunch of big wins under his belt. He is one of the awesome drivers we had at the iHobby Expo 2008, wowing the crowd and bashing his [...]