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Pro Line Trencher 2.2" tires for 1:16 E-Revo

Sneak Peek – Pro Line Trencher 2.2″ tires for 1:16 E-Revo

Perhaps the favorite bash tire around the BigSquidRC offices is the Pro-Line Trencher. Trenchers are famous for their long life and providing good traction on a variety of surfaces. Recently the crew over at Pro-Line posted a “Sneak Peek” of their upcoming Trencher 2.2 for 1:16 E-Revo. Soon all you 16th scale E-Revo drivers will be able to enjoy all the [...]


DE Racing Wheels for Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo

DE Racing Has New Wheels for the Traxxas 16th Scale E-Revo

The guys over at DE Racing have announced new Trinidad MT Wheels for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo. These new DE Racing wheels are said to be bombproof and come in four different colors to match your style- silver, yellow, black and white. You can fit up all popular 2.2 buggy tires to the new Trinidad’s, and they slightly increase the [...]


thetoyz widening kit

TheToyz Widening Kits for Traxxas Trucks

Ever want to widen out your Traxxas Slash, Stampede, Rustler, or 16th scale Revo for more stability or to simply change the looks? If so TheToyz has widening kits that will make your day. These kits from TheToyz are made out of aluminum and are available in red, blue, silver and black. Each kit widens your truck by 20mm per [...]


RPM axle carriers for Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo and Mini Slash

RPM axle carriers for 1/16 E-Revo and Mini Slash

RPM is at it again and once more the beneficiaries of their generous nature are the owners of Traxxas‘ selection of mini trucks, the 1/16 E-Revo and Mini Slash.  These axle carriers, made out of the notoriously tough RPM Material, are among the most requested parts from you guys, so says RPM.  Even more proof that one of the most [...]


RPM front & rear bumpers for the Mini E-Revo

Have you been sitting there, staring at your Mini E-Revo, thinking “you know… this truck just isn’t blue enough…”  Or maybe red is more your color.  Think no more because RPM has a few new parts for you that WILL make your truck bluer… or redder… which ever you prefer… GUARANTEED! The new RPM front and rear bumpers will do more [...]


Trinity wheelie bar for 1/16 Traxxas vehicles

Trinity (Epic?) has a cool new wheelie bar for the Traxxas minis.  Made out of black anodized aluminum, this prostock style mono-wheel wheelie bar is said to help you keep straighter wheelies going.  It’s a quick bolt on accessory that will add to the cool factor of your 1/16 E-Revo and Mini Slash. MSRP is $22.99 and it should be on [...]


Traxxas 1/16 Mini E-Revo Wheelie Bars

Having trouble keeping your Mini E-Revo on it’s wheels? Traxxas has just come out with their own Wheelie Bar! It has four snap in adjustment positions, to keep the front tires planted in those quick starts, or to keep them ridding high for showing off that power plant, without ending up on your lid! The wheelie [...]


Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo Extended Suspension Arms

Looks like Traxxas is recognizing the popularity of their Mini 1/16 E-Revo by putting out some new hop-up parts! These new arms add 10mm to your wheelbase! The longer wheelbase will really help keep the vehicle planted under all that brushless power! A new set will only cost you about $8! For more info check the Traxxas Website.


Traxxas 2.2 Pro Tires and Wheels for 1:16 E-Revo

Just got word from Traxxas about their new 2.2 Pro S1 Compound Tires and Dish wheels for the 1/16 E-Revo VXL. These are engineered for competition grade traction and performance. They widen the E-Revo by 14mm, and the 12mm hexes allow the Traxxas 2.2″ dish wheels to be used on other 1/10th scale buggies as well. For more [...]


RPM Mini E-Revo A-Arms Now in Red!

I think everyone who’s looking to bulletproof their Traxxas Mini E-Revo already knows that RPM makes some must own a-arms, but I bet you didn’t know they now come in red! I guess it’s a little test on their part to see if people are interested in the red color. I have a feeling [...]


ST Racing Concepts Mini Slash And E-Revo Skid Plates

It looks like ST Racing Concepts is coming out with some new ‘must haves’ for the Mini Traxxas Slash and Revo! Their new CNC Machined Front, Mid, and Rear Skid Plates for the 1/16th Slash and Revo are available in blue, red, and silver, and will cost you about $23. For more [...]


Pro-Line Racing unweights the 2.2 Titus beadlock wheel

Do you want the look of the Pro-Line Racing 2.2″ Titus wheel, but without the weight?Now available, unweighted with a 12mm hex, the 2.2″x1.4″ Titus Beadlocks are available in chrome or black for your Mini E-Revo or 1:10 Rock Crawler. You can visit the Pro-Line Racing site here.


JConcept lets you Turn the Mini E-Revo into an Illuzion!

Don’t know how I missed this one but here it is now. JConcepts designed this hi-Flow shell out of their heavy-duty polycarbonate and scaled it with a very low roof line and maximum window coverage while sporting scale inspired front fenders. Click by JConcepts for more info and be sure to check out your local shop [...]


Pro-Line Racing offers new shoes for the Mini (1:16) E-Revo!

Tired of running your Talon 2.0’s to the ground while your Mini E-Revo is darting around? Pro-Line Racing has two new options for you! First up is all the Rage! The Road Rage that is, mounted on Titus Bead-Loc’s (1103-13) in a M2 medium compound. 1/2 in wider on each side [...]


Pro-Line Racing Slipstreams the Mini (1:16) E-Revo!

Remember a while back we introduced you to the Slipstream for the E-Revo? Now Pro-Line Racing has it for your Mini (1:16) E-Revo! Made from their extremely durable and shatterproof .030 Lexan with a high flow air intake thats directed right at the endbell then out the rear. The aerodynamic frontend [...]