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Venom Pro Charger 2

Venom Pro Charger 2 & PS 600 Power Supply

Venom Group is introducing a new battery charger and a power supply for the summer bash season. The new Venom Pro Charger 2 comes with an internal power supply and is capable of charging at up to 6 amps. Some of its other features include- can charge up to 6S Lipo, on-board balance block, fan cooled, five memory profiles, and comes [...]


How To Become A Sponsored Driver By Venom Driver Chris Blais

Recently Venom team driver Chris Blais wrote an article on how to become a sponsored racer. He gives a bunch of tips on how you too can become a big name sponsored driver like he has for Venom. Be sure and click the “read more” button to read the article in its entirety, and hit THIS Link for more race [...]


Venom Medion Dual 10 amp charger review

Review- Venom Medion Dual 10 amp Battery Charger with Speake…

THE Venom Medion Dual 10 amp Battery Charger ReviewThe battery charger wars have been raging hard lately and one of the hottest new chargers on the market is the Venom Medion Dual 10 amp. The Medion comes not only with all the “standard” features that a high end charger would include, but it “one-ups” the pack by having built in [...]


Atomik™ Barbwire 17” RTR Brushless RC Boat

Atomik RC Barbwire 17” RTR Brushless Boat

The 17″ Barbwire RTR is one of the latest and greatest boats from the guys over at Atomik RC. The Barbwire was created to be a slightly smaller version of Atomik’s larger V hulls and to offer strong brushless performance in an affordable RTR package. Some of the features and specifications of the Barbwire include- * Self Righting Deep V Hull [...]


Venom Stronghold 25 amp dc battery charger

Venom Stronghold 25 Amp DC Battery Charger

Are we looking at the future of battery charging? The latest battery charger from Venom, the new Stronghold 25 Amp DC Charger, is not only quite powerful to get your Lipo’s charged quickly but also comes with the Stronghold battery containment system for added safety. Some of the key features include- * IR-Mode, an internal resistance test to help evaluate your [...]


Venom Stronghold Solo Lipo Charge Box

Venom Stronghold Solo Battery Charge Box

Looking for a safe place to put your batteries while you charge them? If so Venom has announced their new Stronghold Solo Charge Box. The box is made out of stamped aluminum and features a self extinguishing polycarbonate window in the top so you can keep an eye on things inside. Some of the other features and specs include- * Aluminum [...]


Venom RC Lipo Battery

Venom Group Lipo Battery Boot Camp

Are you a new user of Lipo batteries, or maybe you have been using them for years and are looking learn more on how they actually work? The crew over at Venom Group have started a series of articles full of good information on Lipo batteries called Battery Boot Camp. Hit up THIS link to head over to the official [...]


T-Bone Racing A-Arms for Venom Gambler

T-Bone Racing Front A-Arms for Venom Gambler

The guys over at T-Bone Racing are known for their bumpers, but recently they announced their first set of upgrade a-arms made just for the Venom Gambler short course truck. Some of the features include- * Made out of .25″ Delrin * Less flex than stock * Comes with Delrin shims * Comes with TBR stickers Street price is $16 a pair and they are [...]


atomik 1/18 Brian Deegan short course

Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Ford Raptor 150…

THE Atomik Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1:18 Scale Ford Raptor 150 Short Course Truck ReviewFeel like throw’n the horns and bust’n some rc moves 909 style? For those of you that do, or for those of you simply looking for a nifty small scale off road machine, Atomik has an all new 18th scale short course truck done up in [...]


atomik rc 1:8 scale brian deegan 4x4 truck

Atomik RC – 1/8 Brian Deegan 4WD Short Course Truck

We have posted several Atomik RC stories about their licensed Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha vehicles, and today we have another one. It’s the Atomik RC Brian Deegan / Metal Mulisah 1/8 Scale Ford Raptor 150 RTR Truck!. What has us really excited, is this isn’t just a Venom Gambler with a new body, this is a new 4WD Short Course [...]


Venom Medion Dual 10 Amp Charger with Speakers

New Venom Medion Dual 10 Amp Charger With Speakers

Enjoying our fine hobby is always a great time. One of the few things that can actually make it better is adding music! Brand new from the Venom Group is a very trick looking Medion dual 10 Amp charger that comes with integrated speakers, thus allowing you to pump up the volume while out bashing. Other key features of the [...]


Deegan Raptor Atomik Truck

New Atomik RC Brian Deegan 18th Scale Short Course Truck

As we Reported a couple of weeks ago, Atomik RC now has a new Metal Mulisha, Brian Deegan, 18th scale, officially licensed Ford Raptor 150 RTR short course truck. The new Atomik truck features full time 4wd, waterproof electronics, oil filled shocks, a 370 size brushed motor, and comes with a 6 cell Ni-mh battery. Street price is expected to [...]


brian deegan rally car

Atomik RC - Metal Mulisha Brian Deegan 1/18 Scale Rally Car …

The folks over at Atomik RC keep putting smiles on our faces as they announced another Brian Deegan / Metal Mulisah vehicle. This time it’s in the form of a 1/18th scale rally car! Some of the details… 4wd, Official Licensed Ford Fiesta Rally Body, it’s a scale replica of Brian’s X-Games rally Cross car. It has a 370 brushed [...]


atomik rc metal mulisha

Atomik RC Teams up with Brian Deegan and Metal Mulisha

Atomik RC has just announced the Brian Deegan Metal Mulisha MM 450 R/C Dirtbike! This is cool. The Atomik RC bikes are pretty fun to drive and bash with, and now they have gone and added some more scale looks and a ‘mini Deegan’. Metal Mulisha fans should be lining up for this one. #gallery-9 { margin: auto; } #gallery-9 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: [...]


atomik rc arc boat

Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat

Atomik RC (formerly the Venom Group folks) have just announced the new Atomik A.R.C 58″ RTR Electric Boat. That’s almost 5 feet of water slicing machine people! They claim it’s the first large scale boat that out performs their gas counterparts. It boasts 2000 watts of brushless power with a water-cooled ESC for 40+ mph out of the box! The [...]