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Traxxas T-Maxx Video

Video – Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3: Pure Nitro Power

There is nothing like the smell of nitro in the morning! Recently posted by Traxxas is a video for the T-Maxx 3.3. The T-Maxx is arguable the most legendary of all bash vehicles as it totally revolutionized the hobby when it was initially released. The latest version of the T-Maxx is better than ever as it comes equipped with the [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Video – Juicebox Park Fun!

A while back we did the review of the Traxxas TRX-4 Sport, and we shot a bunch of footage during the testing process. Most of the video is shot at Jeremy’s Juicebox Park. If you have been on the fence about picking up the Sport, maybe this video will help convince you. Enjoy the video, don’t forget to hit the [...]


Pro-Line 1978 Chevy C-10 Video

Video – Pro-Line 1978 Chevy C-10 Race Truck Body

Recently posted by Pro-Line is a video for their new 1978 Chevy C-10 Race Body. The C-10 features serious realism with scale detailing from nose to tail. The 1978 C-10 is one of the most iconic bodies from the early days of off-road desert racing, now you can give that distinct look to your short course truck. Enjoy watching P-L’s Gerardo [...]


Traxxas Undergound

Traxxas Underground – Ford GT and Kart Team Challenge

New from the Traxxas Underground is a video called Ford GT and Kart Team Challenge at Dallas Karting Complex. The video shows off the Underground crew doing two races simultaneously- one team member racing/driving the kart, with the other racing/driving the rc car. The video is quite lighthearted and a great way to show friends one of the more unique [...]


Traxxas Stampede Forest Video

Video – Forest Fun With The Traxxas Stampede

The Traxxas Stampede is one of the best selling trucks in the history of rc, and for good reason, it is a lot of fun to drive! Check out the new Stampede video below, where the Traxxas crew shows you just how much fun the mighty 1/10 monster truck can be. The video starts off on some skate ramps, then takes [...]


Pro-Line Axialfest Video

Video – Pro-Line at AxialFest 2018

Over the last few years Pro-Line has developed an incredible line-up of scale upgrades and accessories. Every year Pro-Line makes the trip to Axialfest to help promote the hobby and to show off their new scale products. Watch the video below to get a great feel for what Axialfest 2018 was like. Coming in at just under 3 minutes in length, [...]


Traxxas UDR Light Kit Video

Video - LED Light Kit for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Race…

New from Traxxas is a Pro-Scale High Intensity LED Light Kit for the Unlimited Desert Racer. The LED kit comes with a bunch of different lights, plus it includes a Traxxas high voltage amplifier to power all 204 individual LED bulbs. Here are more details on this extremely high-end light kit- * App controlled lighting functions!!! * User can customize light configurations [...]


Video – Traxxas Rocky Mountain Adventure TRX-4

The TRX-4 has been a hot vehicle this summer, especially in the trail scene. Anyone that’s been out to a recent crawl or trail event will see Traxxas TRX-4’s everywhere. Check out the latest video featuring the TRX-4 Defender doing little mountain crawling action. To get more details on the Traxxas TRX-4, hit up This Link. Also, you can Click [...]


Traxxas Ford Bronco Video

Video – Traxxas Ford Bronco at the Beach

The Traxxas Ford Bronco is a fantastic looking scale crawler. Loaded with a fully licensed Ford body and a highly capable TRX-4 chassis underneath, the Traxxas Ford Bronco is ready to take on the gnarliest of terrain. Watch below to see the Bronco take on rocks, water, and more! To get more details on the Traxxas Ford Bronco, hit up [...]


Traxxas Ford Highlight Video

Traxxas Ford Model Mashup Video

The folks at Traxxas have recently released a number of scale authentic Ford models. To show off their scale realism, as well as how awesome they look while bashing, Traxxas has posted a new Highlight Video. The video below features a number of Ford Traxxas models ranging from monster trucks, to on-road cars. After watching the video you can hit [...]


Pro-Line Shop Talk X-Maxx Tires

Pro-Line Shop Talk X-Maxx Tire Video

The crew over at Pro-Line have uploaded a new Shop Talk Video especially for Traxxas X-Maxx owners. The latest Shop Talk goes over Pro-Line’s various tire options for the X-Maxx and features Vance Lund. Watch the video below to see Vance go over all the differences of their X-Maxx tire choices, plus he explains the performance advantages of using their [...]


JConcepts T2 Truth 2 UTV Body Video

Video – JConcepts Truth 2 UTV Body

Recently uploaded by JConcepts is an action video for their new Truth 2 UTV Body. The T2 can give your short course truck the look of a hardcore UTV, watch the video below to be blown away with how cool it looks while driving. Click Right Here to get full details on the T2 over on JConcepts’ website, or Click Here [...]


ARRMA New Horizon Teaser

New ARRMA Teaser Video – A New Horizon!

Whoa, here ya go ARRMA fans, the ARRMA crew has just sent us a new teaser video! ARRMA has a new release for all you ARRMA Army members! The release date is next Thursday July 16th, watch the video below to get some clues as to what the new release may be. Hit up This Link to visit the official ARRMA [...]


Traxxas Ford GT Body Assembly Video

Video – How to Assemble the Traxxas Ford GT Body

Recently uploaded by Traxxas is a new video showing you how to Assemble The Traxxas Ford GT Body. The Traxxas Ford GT is a great looking body, and also quite high-tech. The video below shows you not only how to paint the Ford GT, but also how to assemble its various parts in the proper order for a perfect build. After [...]


Traxxas Crash Video

Traxxas Video – RC Crash Compilation 2018!

Recently posted by Traxxas is a giant Crash Compilation Video. Just like you and me, the Traxxas crew has plenty of crashes while filming, have a look at some of their gnarliest in the video below. Filmed at Camp Woodward with loads of enormous ramps, the video has some hits that are absolutely gnarly! After watching the video you can hit [...]