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XRay XB8 2024 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

XRay 1/8 XB8 2024 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

The crew over at XRay have dropped full details on the 2024 edition of their 1/8 XB8 Nitro Race Buggy Kit. The 2024 edition gets a number of updates to increase durability, as well as speed. Here are the highlights- * All new shorter chassis with milled flex zones * Shorter rear center driveshaft * New 7075 Swiss aluminum shock towers * Multi-adjustable 3-in-1 [...]


XRAY XB4'21 Chassis T-Brace

Upgrade Your XRAY XB4’21 with this Graphite Chassis T-Brace

XRAY has released a new Graphite Chassis T-Brace for their XB4’21 buggy. This upgrade is aimed at improving drivability and front-end stability while also offering plenty of additional adjustability. Depending on the type of track surface you’re running on, there are multiple mounting holes for this brace. Made of carbon fiber, this brace is both lightweight and durable, which should hold [...]


XRAY XB8'21 Teaser

Coming Soon: The XRAY XB8’21 1/8-scale Buggy Kit

XRAY has announced the upcoming release of its latest 1/8-scale buggy chassis, the XB8’21. Details are very scarce at this time, but the full release should be coming soon. It can be expected that this year’s model will include competition-focused enhancements and possibly the addition of “once option, now standard” components. Until then, you can see the teaser image on and [...]


XRay X1 F1 Car

XRay X1 Formula 1 Car

Over the past couple of seasons the Formula 1 class has taken off at many local tracks. It has the scale realism that many hobbyists are after, plus, who can resist emulating their favorite F1 driver at their local rc track. The latest car manufacturer to throw their hat into the F1 car ring is XRay with their new X1. [...]


2015 XRay XB8 Buggy

2015 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy

While the 2015 Edition of the XRay XB8 isn’t all new, it does feature a slew of updates to make it easier to go fast and to increase its durability. An all new chassis is the big news, it has been designed to give the buggy more traction, while new 7075 aluminum shock towers are more durable and yield better [...]


2015 XRay XB4 Buggy

2015 XRay XB4 Buggy Kit

Often considered the “fastest” indoor off-road racing class, there is no shortage of competitive buggies in 1/10th scale 4wd. The latest to hit the market is the newly updated 2015 XRay XB4. The highlight of the new XB4 is its “2-n-1” design that allows you to either run saddle packs or a single shorty LiPO battery. Some of the other [...]


XRay T4 '15

2015 XRay T4 Touring Car

There is nothing like driving with the total control and buttery smoothness of an elite touring car. They seem to go exactly where you want them to, and they do it fast! The latest high-end touring car to hit the market is from XRay with their 2015 Edition T4. There have been a number of major changes on the T4 to [...]


XRay Pan Car

XRay X12 2015 Edition

With indoor carpet season just around the corner, XRay has announced their new 2015 X12 pan car kit. The ’15 edition of the X12 comes with plenty of updates to keep you at the front of the pack. An all new chassis leads the list, but numerous others make the X12 easier to drive, easier to work on, and more [...]


XRay XB8E Buggy

XRay XB8E 1/8 Electric Buggy

For all you guys wanting to go reallyyyyy fast with a high-end buggy, XRay has announced their new XB8E. The XB8E is based off the nitro XB8 and was designed to be the best of the best. For the track it should put in some blazing lap times, for bashing, it should go huge with premium parts under the hood. [...]


XRay X10

XRay X10 2015 Edition

The folks over at XRay have recently announced the 2015 edition of their X10 pan car. The X10 was given a slew of upgrades to make it easier to work on, drive, and to adjust. Some of the updates on the X10 include- * Narrow chassis with new battery placement & weight balance * Narrow rear pod * Harder material used on new [...]


XRay NT1 2014

XRay NT1 2014 Nitro Touring Car

For all you nitro touring car fans, XRay has released information on the 2014 edition of their NT1. XRay’s nitro touring cars have a history of being some of the best in the industry, the latest version looks like the best one yet. The updates for the 2014 model include- * Smaller 2-speed * New shocks and shock towers * New chassis, radio [...]


XRay XB8 Buggy

XRay XB8 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Back in the day, the first XRay nitro buggies were named XB8, now they are bringing back the name for their latest creation. The 2014 XB8 is a high-end 8th scale buggy that is made from high grade materials and is designed with all the latest performance tricks. Some of its highlights include- * Unique XPBS front pivot ball suspension * Multi-Flex [...]


Xray xb4 2wd

XRay XB4 2wd Buggy Kit

XRay teased their new XB4 2wd buggy a couple of weeks ago, today they released full information. The 2wd buggy class is seemingly filled with new offerings, but no doubt the XRay buggy will be among the best you can buy. Some of its features and specifications include- * 95% parts compatibility with the XB4 4wd buggy * Aluminum chassis * Mid-motor design * [...]


2014 XRay XB4

2014 XRay XB4 Buggy Kit

Just like full size cars, XRay has been announcing their 2014 models. Among those models they have just released information on their 2014 XB4 4wd off-road buggy. The 2014 XB4 receives moderate updates, making it even more capable on the track or for blitzing around your cul-de-sac. Some of the updates for 2014 include- * New chassis * New Suspension Flex Adjustment * [...]


XRay XB4 2wd

Teaser – XRay XB4 2wd Off-Road Buggy

XRay has been expanding their product line-up lately, and it seems like every company out there is now selling a 2wd buggy, so the announcement of their new XB4 2wd comes as little surprise. XRay has only released a teaser picture, but if the new XB4 2wd is like everything else in their line-up it is sure to be made [...]