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Rc boating covers a lot of hull types. I would like to cover the basic difference of the main three types Vee, HydroPlane, and Catamaran.

Vee– best rough water capability. Vee shaped Hull design cuts through rougher water. Good handling and stability. Easiest hull to setup Best all around hull IMHO

Hydroplane– Not good for rough water, rockets on glass or light ripple. Very nimble when setup correctly. Will blow over or turn into submarines if not balanced correctly.

Catamaran– Great on glass to medium chop. Good handling and tracking. A little harder to setup and balance then a Vee hull, but when done correctly a Catamaran will outrun a Vee of the same power and weight.

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Posted by in RC Boats on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 at 2:57 pm