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Club 5 Racing Dual Stage Revolver Tire Foams

Club 5 Racing Dual Stage 1.9” Revolver Foam Inserts

Club 5 Racing has introduced a unique spin on R/C crawler tire foams with its 1.9” Dual Stage “Revolver” Foam Inserts. Designed to allow for low-positioned rolling weight to each of your rig’s four wheels, these tire foams feature holes to insert one of 12 8.80g brass slugs.

You can choose how much weight to apply, fine-tuning your radio-controlled crawler’s weight to best suit your driving style and trail conditions. If you decide to load each foam up to the max, you’ll add 105g/3.52oz to each tire/wheel.

These tire foams utilize a soft outer foam for improved traction and a harder, high-density inner foam for added weight and support.

Priced at $24.99 per pair, Club 5 Racing’s Dual Stage 1.9” Revolver Foam Tire Inserts are available for purchase at

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