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CRC Gen-X 10 RT World GT-R Kit

CRC Gen-X 10 R/T World GT-R Kit

Pan cars are great fun for going REALLY fast on a smooth surface. The newest 1/10th scale pan car from CRC is the Gen-X 10 R/T World GT-R kit. Designed for the World GT-R class that is gaining popularity at many tracks, the Gen-X 10 R/T is ready for realistic full body/rubber tire racing. It is easy to see from the pictures that plenty of premium materials like carbon fiber and aluminum were used in the kit, here are some of its other highlights-

* Capable of multiple different battery positions and configurations
* Full ball bearing set
* Slider rear pod w/ no inserts or shims
* Pro-Strut front end
* Twin tube damper system
* Lightweight full carbon pro-diff axle
* Carbon and foam front bumper

Street pricing for the kit is a very affordable $249, it has a part number of #1810, and full details can be found at This Link on CRC’s official website.

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