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Cross RC FR4 Demon RTR Unboxing with Video

To say that we have REALLY been wanting to get our hands on the new Cross RC FR4 Demon RTR would be an understatement. First impressions out of the box, wow.. that suspension! Someone will probably call me out on this, but this may be the softest RTR suspension we have ever felt out of the box. It’s silky smooth. Whenever we are out running one of our Cross RC vehicles, the soft suspension is always someone people notice, and it’s cool to see they have it set up the same in the RTR. the body looks good, and the hard plastic molded bumpers and grill really give it a nice look for a rtr.

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We have been working on the review, but things have been slow going as it’s been raining here almost every day for the last 2 weeks. It’s currently hailing as I’m typing this. As soon as it dries out a little, we will be back on the trails!

You can hit the Cross RC FR4 Demon RTR site that has a price tag of $349. If you are having trouble finding one, the Hobby Recreation Products Page has them to order as well.

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