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Redcat Racing 1979 Monte Carlo Lowrider - Video

“Cruisin’ in Style” with Redcat Racing’s ’79 Monte Carlo Lowrider [Video]

Redcat Racing’s latest lowrider creation, the 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo Lowrider, offers a fresh take on the R/C lowrider scene. Following in the tire tracks of the Redcat SixtyFour, the ’79 Monte Carlo offers a true-to-life lowrider experience for under $500.

Priced at $459.99, the Redcat Monte Carlo Lowrider features four lift servos for realistic raising and lowering action. Seeing this machine in photos is one thing, but to get a true feel for how it performs, you need to see it in action. Thankfully, the folks at Redcat Racing have

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