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Cub Report Version 11.23.08

Seems that I started a little firestorm last week with the announcement of my “Cubbies” awards. So to simplify it for those that went into full panic mode (self promotion mode?), here’s the low down. Instead of getting 100 emails with 100 different suggestions (usually the person writing said email) who the “man of the year” is, I’m throwing in some good early suggestions. Of course you can still “write in” anything you want, but here are some good starting points for Car/Truck of the year and Man of the year-

08′ Car/Truck of the year- Traxxas Slash– they sold a billion of them, Hot Bodies D8– the buggy that changed the face/price point of 8th scale racing, Axial AX10 Scorpion– the truck most responsible for the crawling boom

08′ RC Man of the year- Carlton Eppes– head man at RC Pro Series, the most progressive racing organization in the biz, Shawn Palmer– perhaps the best “marketing” type person ROAR (and Schu) has had in decades, Mike Jenkins– the man behind Traxxas and their huge selling trucks

I’m not going to touch the other categories right now. They are probably left wide open for interpretation.

Brian has been really busy posting up all the press releases this week. A lot of new gear and buzz was going down last week. But here is one piece of info that’s been under tight wraps- one of the aftermarket companies is Really close to releasing their AE T4 and Losi XXX-T short course conversion kits. These kits will basically make a T4 or XXX-T look and drive like a Traxxas Slash does. The kits allow for the proper mounting of the Pro-Line short course bodies, use big bumpers, and allow the use of Slash type tires. From what I’ve heard they are uber trick, but will they make it to market before AE gets out their own electric short course truck? Will they make it out before Losi re-designs their “desert truck” to use a full width body? We’ll see in time of course, but it sounds like the aftermarket conversion kits will be announced just after the first of the year.

That’s all for this week ya crazy rednecks. Support your local hobby shops and tracks!

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