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Cub Report, Version Happy New Year 01.05.09

Long time, no write, to all you amigo’s. Hopefully your New Years celebrations left you smiling, lipstick smudged, and making happy little Dom Perignon burps.

The industry stays fairly quiet over the X-mas/New Years holidays. Like most people, even the hobby guru’s need a little R & R. A time for family, and a time to recharge the bodies internal Li-po’s. Well, most have been taking it a bit easy, except BigSquid editor in chief Brian. He’s been working his ass off behind the scenes, lining things up for a stellar 2009.

There will be a few changes in the 09′ Cub Reports. Most noticeably, we’ll be trying to get the reports posted earlier, hopefully no later than mid-day Saturdays. I’ve also spoken with a bevy of industry types, of which, a few have agreed to take a more active role in providing content for the Cub Report. What this means to you is more inside scoops with greater accuracy. I’ll also be trying to work things in such a way that I can break more news here, instead of having to sit on it for weeks/months before getting “approvals” for it to be leaked out after it’s already worked it’s way around the email circuit.

This years first report is going to be short and sweet gang, next week we’ll be back up to a full, obnoxious report. Till then, support your local hobby shops and tracks!

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Posted by in cubby on Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 10:36 am