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Cubbies Top Five Wishes for 2008!

1. For Kyosho to actually release something worth buying. Over the last two years,
Kyosho has bought up some of the best rc minds in the USA. Joel Johnson, Steve Pond, Gil JR, and Mark Pavidis make up arguably the best team in the entire rc world. Since then, we’ve seen nothing come out of there worth laying cold hard greenbacks on. Here’s hoping that dream team throws some incredible products to USA consumers sooner rather than later because what they sell now is stale and lame.

2. For magazines to grow some ****s. Being a realist, I know this isn’t going to happen. But this is my wish list after all, therefore I have the right to wish as hard as I want. Consumers will buy more magazines when the reviews are actually truthful, and reveal flaws in products. If I read one more positive review on a product I know is junk, I’m going to poke my eyeballs with a hot soldering iron.
Naw, I’ll just continue to save money and not buy any mags. Much easier and I will still see afterwards. We all know the mags are afraid of losing advertiser revenue after giving negative reviews. But who are the mags here for, their faithful readers, or some jerk*** advertiser who only imports manufactured junk?

3. For all car manufactures to beef it up! Most of us quickly become accustomed to “hit something and it breaks”. I wish all manufactures actually drive their cars, see what breaks, and then beef those parts up. I’d rather spend more money hopping my cars up than simply keeping them in one piece. The less time I spend replacing a-arms, the more time I’ll have to buy go-fast parts.

4. For ROAR to figure out it’s 2008, not 1993 anymore. Earth to ROAR, electric races have been 5 minutes FOREVER and now we have batteries that can go 15 minutes or more. Duh.

5. I wish all nitro engine manufactures would quit making more power and make their engines run more reliably. Hint, hint, we’ve got way more power than we can use now, can you just make it start every time for at least two gallons? I promise if you do that you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible in the rc world.

Coming from you live, way atop my soapbox, your friendly, understandably hung-over
Cub Reporter

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Posted by in News on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 at 11:51 pm