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Custom Works RC Beast Midget Oval Car Kit

Custom Works 1/10 Beast Midget Oval Car Kit

Over at Custom Works they have officially announced the Beast Midget Oval Car Kit. The folks at Custom Works are all about going left as fast as possible and their new Beast midget car kit is designed for high-end oval racing. Here are the highlights-

* Based off of CW’s Outlaw Sprint car
* Offset carbon chassis plate
* 3mm offset carbon fiber rear tower
* CW MDX big bore shocks
* Rigid rear camber link mount
* Long rear arms for increased rear traction
* 3mm rear arm mounts with adjustable 3 & 5 degrees of toe
* 30 degree front suspension mounts with 3mm screws
* One piece shock mounts
* Includes cage, body parts, and panels
* Fully ball bearing equipped
* CW 2.6 ball differential
* Dual bellcrank steering
* Titanium turnbuckles
* Adjustable motor height

The Custom Works 1/10 Beast Midget Oval Car Kit has a part number of #0650 and is street priced at $499.

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