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Da Cubbsta Report Version 05.25.08

Least not forget, those that have died for our freedom, and our right to take brand new $800 rc cars and jump them off the side of a house. Memorial weekend is not only one of the most important holidays (honoring our military men, woman, and those that gave their lives for us), but also one of the busiest in the racing world. Felipe Massa should have, but the young Brit Lewis Hamilton won the superbowl of Grand Prix, Monaco today. Scott Dixon (who?) won the Indy 500. Bubba PWNED the 250 class, while young Austin Stroupe won his first AMA125 motocross national of his young career. And I’m sure some redneck took home the win at the NASCRAP 600 today.

In the rc racing world, also a huge weekend. Perhaps the largest event going on was the No Limit RC World Finals out in Popular Branch North Carolina. Roughly 300 entries, all REAL monster trucks, and no transponders needed! In the midwest, 2008 man of the year Carlton Eppes was forced to cancel the B and A mains at his huge RC Pro Series event (250 + entries) due to inclement weather at the St Louis
DirtBurners track. Out west, the dirt off road Nova Rossi USA Memorial Race was in full effect in Ontario California. Huge race weekend, Huge Bash Weekend!

New product news. 🙂

Why is it that it takes Associated nearly two decades to produce an 8th scale buggy, but a matter of months to release a new truggy? Once again, AE is last to the party. Awww, I still remember the days when AE was on the cutting edge. Back in those days, AE would have skipped the whole 8th scale nitro thing, and released the RC8 and RCT’s as electrics, and pwned the market instead of just being the last to join the crowd.

Speaking of cutting edge, the indescribable J-Concepts “J82” has it’s own class at the ROAR nats! In case you have no idea what a “J82” is, it’s been described as an 8th scale electric buggy. What it really is, is a RC10T4, converted to something that looks like a RC10B4, with T4 rear tires, and buggy type front tires. I’ve previously stated that I love J-Concepts. All their gear other than the “J82” is awesome! But, rc racing has far too many classes as it is, and ROAR once again drops the ball and allows yet another crap class at one of their nationals. Tisk Tisk.

What’s next, a spec, stock motor, ni-mh only, foam tire, sportman powder puff, Ice Road Trucker class? The heck with it, let’s just hold enough separate classes for every single racer in America to be in their own class. That way every racer in America could be “national champion”. Is that what it’s actually coming down to?

That’s it for this weeks folks. Get your cars and trucks out! Break some parts!
Support your local LHS and tracks!

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