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Deadloc Racing SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles

Deadloc Racing SCX10/SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles

Pre-orders are being taken right now for the new SCX10/SCX10II Loaded Hybrid Portal Axles from Deadloc Racing. These beefy axles are a portal design to give your Axial more clearance. This makes it easier to get over extreme terrain, plus they can add a new tough look to your rig. Here are some of their highlights-

* CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum
* Pumpkins made from heavy cast metal to lower the center of gravity
* Axle mounted servo option
* Scale truss design
* Third member can be removed
* Easy access gears
* Durable steel axle shafts
* Heavy duty helical cut gears
* Pan hard mount

Pricing for the axles is $255 for the set and full details are just a Click Away over on Deadloc’s official website.

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