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Big Squid RC Shirt

Design a Big Squid RC T-Shirt Contest!

Big Squid RC Shirt
Every few months we change up t-shirt’s that we wear, sell, and give away. We have been going over a few ideas here, but decided to see if there are any Big Squid RC readers with a little art talent.

We are looking for submissions for our next t-shirt design. We are giving people till Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM cst to send us your ideas. The shirt must incorporate the BigSquidRC logo in some way or another. You can find a clean photoshop version of our logo RIGHT HERE.

(UPDATE: now with fixed link to file…sorry about that)

We are looking for some serious creativity here, but it also needs to be something we can have screened. So the final file will need to be able to be layered, and colors separated for the screening process. The fewer colors the better with that stuff, too many screens make it complicated.

If we choose a shirt to be created, (we may not see anything we really like) the winner will be credited with the design, as well as (and this is the sweet part) get to choose a vehicle from one of our recent reviews. (exact vehicles to choose from will be determined later). Sweet right? Design a awesome shirt, get a RC Vehicle! So all you artists and designers get those stylists and markers, crayons, whatever going! If you are not the ‘art type’ maybe you know someone that is. So help us come up with something cool to wear! Cubby’s mom is sick of dressing him!

All logos are trademarked and property of Big Squid RC. Any and ALL rights for submitted t-shirt designs will also become property of Big Squid RC. Send all submissions by Sunday September 18th, 2011 12PM cst! You can email them to me. Brian at bigsquidrc dot kom. Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Big Squid RC Shirt


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